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Layer Saver (October 21, 2008)

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It looks like Layer Saver needs to be recompiled referencing the new DLLs in paint.net 4. Hopefully someone will take this on to help us out.


PLEASE will someone fix this for NEW VERSION!!!


I was able to get this to compile and run with paint.net v4 after making some minor changes. However, it still doesn't work.


It doesn't list paint.net's internal file types. I think Rick changed these to private in the code, if I remember right. Also, even when you select a 3rd-party file type, no files get outputted into the save directory.



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Thanks Toe for trying to get the plugin to work. Even though we have an alternative plugin, it would still be cool to see this plugin become alive again. Then users would have two great options for saving layers.
Note about this thread: Just out of curiosity, why isn't this plugin marked with a moderators note of incompatibility? It's fine that it's not, I'm just wondering.

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The reason this wasn't flagged is that I did not manually check filetype plugins or external apps against 4.0.6. I'll update the list when I get time.

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I know this plugin says it's not compatible with the 4 + version of PDN, it does, however, when trying to open it, AFTER needing to type the name and .zip extention when "SAVING AS", but once trying to use it, it gives the option and allows a download of a net3 or net 2 framework. If I do that, is that an independent framework set up just for this file? Or, will it mess up my framework used with PDN?

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