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Blooper's gallery (v3.4 Joker sig)


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V1, 2, 3 and 4^


Oh gees I missed my post milestone again...

I like these a lot! The variation in colors make the signatures interesting and I've always liked that sort of image.



Click on my signature image for my gallery | hmmmm...

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Okay. Start with a 2500x1875 canvas, and another one the size of your sig (paste your render on a new layer immediately). In the big one, run S3D in sphere mode with AA (I hope you have a fast comp...). Then run S3D in cube mode without lighting. Try to get one of the flattened spheres to stick out like in this picture:


Repeat the effect a few times, until you get something usable like this:


[For convenience's sake, we're going to call those C4Ds]

Copy paste parts of that in a flowing motion *points at C.A. sig*. Use the screen blend mode to avoid darks. Now pick two colors (primary and secondary) in your render for the C4Ds. Add a layer on top and fill it in with that color. Now in the flow's direction, use the paintbrush with your secondary color. Gaussian or true blur. Set the blend mode to overlay. Now that doesn't look good on your render, so grab your eraser tool and simply erase the parts on your render. You should have the brownish sig now.

Okay, now save this as a .pdn file. Cut paste your and the overlay layer render into a new canvas (on different layers). Flatten the C4Ds into a single layer. Use the glow effect at 20-40 radius (keep some blacks between the glows). Paste the render back where it belongs. Now add a new layer and fill it with medium blue, and set it to overlay above all the other layers. Make the render black and white. And now it's time to use gradient mapping!

So duplicate that C4D layer and run gradient mapping on it. The colors you're going to choose depend on the color you chose originally. See how it's purple between the C4Ds? That's because I chose red. It's up to you. So run gradient mapping with red on the left side and a totally transparent color on the right side. Lower the opacity of this layer as wanted.

Use pyro's Border and Shapes to make a 1px border (it will seem thicker because of the border that comes with PDN). Add a new layer, and use border and shapes in medium gray. Now use outline object in black or white and set that blend mode to overlay.

Now the text, it's really up to you, I find it's best to choose a keyword (in this case word) and a username in this case, name!). Because we have something kind of electric going on there, I chose italic Arial Black. I intertwine the text, run Outline Object in black with high softness (2 px), and tadaaa!

The sig is now being given away!

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