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  1. Well, in mid 2005, Disney started an online game called Virtual Magic Kingdom. I was talking to a friend when I chose my name, (Whispered), and it just stuck!
  2. Ok, I just want to ask, will the computer (Running Windows XP SP2 Home) pick up the pointer things from whereever they are? Or is there a system file that you need to save them in?
  3. Uh... The one after lipstick? Sorry, maxxed in all but toonup (Dropless)
  4. 1. Adjustments>Duotone Ink On Paper 2. Effects>Color>Posturize: Red, 50 Green, 18 Blue, 64 INK OFF Ending up with this:
  5. Heve you ever heard of VMK? http://www.vmk.com Well, it closed about a month ago, and if everyone was where they were right when it closed, then this is what it would look like now.
  6. Havent downloaded this (on my Ipod touch) so I really want to try it.
  7. Well, basically, we try to get every single toontown "gag" (attack) before a moderator posts. Admins can help us, Mods start us completely over. If you don't know one, check the site or the TOON-UP 1. Feather
  8. Wow have I had some free time lately! I cant believe one of my favorite image hosting sites was banned on another of my forums. Ecch. Well, it still works here, so here's some more. You really need a vBulliten
  9. Feel free to use the sig!
  10. Sounds like a good idea lol..
  11. Where is this "Effects" or "Plugins" folder?
  12. I got this yesterday so... Glad you like one of them!
  13. I tried.... I decided to see through the background
  14. I like them, although how can you do the mirror effect? A link to a topic shall be fine. Whispered