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  1. Has anybody got feedback? After not having time for PDN for a long time i am back and hope to make progress. Update on the image, thoughts? And some texture:
  2. Hello: Some abstract thing Larger version: http://i50.tinypic.com/a9s089.jpg
  3. Try the feather plugin from Boltbaits pack, you can find it in the plugins section.
  4. is the hand a render? yes: lol 5.5/10 no: awesome how did you do that? 8/10
  5. to stretch: select something and then click M and then move the nubs. What exactly is not working? you could also try merging a layer onto another(ctrl+m). EDIT:aah sarkut beat me to it.
  6. ctr+shift+f :wink: or when you save the image as .jpg it will ask you if you want to flatten it. For more info press F1 or go here help topics.
  7. it is a little different(not completely done yet). same as before 7/10
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