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  1. I havent really done anything in awhile..but heres some cool halloween work.
  2. Pretty good sig overall. The only thing I don't like is that you smudged his mouth. 7.5/10.
  3. Sadly, my friend convinced me to play runescape again.
  4. This is a sig I made using mainly clouds and gradient bars. Its really cool, though I don't like the text spot very much.
  5. I dont know, i'll see. Not to be mean, but his style is a little different than mine.
  6. Again, I shall work with anyone who wants to work with me.
  7. Haven't made anything in awhile. Might make that soon. Thanks.
  8. Heres a really cool sig I made. it doesnt have the best rendering, but its still nice.
  9. Incorperated the tecnique into this simple sig
  10. Its no longer repetative, but so insanely difficult that you give up. I wish I was awesome ... oh wait.
  11. Ahaha, nice. Satriani is a amazing guitar player, and i'm now addicted to Dkay.
  12. Still dont really like it. 4/10. Rate this one, it was given to me.
  13. Heres my very first pixel art. Was i allowed to fill in the sides with color?
  14. You didnt know I asked that question for the sake of asking a question?
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