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Paint.NET v3.10 BETA is now available

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Well, let her know that when her face has the Soften Portrait effect applied and it's shrunken down to 25x25, she looks a lot like Megan Fox.

...or don't, I guess, if she's the sort to get "creeped out" by that...psh...

10x10, actually... Yes, I'm so bored that I'm correcting people on their pixel counts... lalala


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Got it working. Love the new features and the UI of the layers box looks a lot better. Thanks :) Love the new features. Now I have to take out a few plugins :wink:

I'm using a new PC. Vista 32-bit a lot of ram....

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oh ok.

something else that is... interesting.

1. Open Firefox

2. Open Task Manager and kill the firefox.exe process

3. Open paint.net and launch one of the help menu internet shortcuts.

You should get a error pop-up along with the session restore pop-up.

This doesn't seem to be a bug w/ Firefox because I tried something similar w/ 7-zip, A-squared and CCleaner and got no error pop-ups.

Edit: The shortcuts do bring you were they are suppose to.




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Umm ... ok? All Paint.NET does is launch a URL, it's up to your default browser to do things right. Please, let's focus on something that matters.

The same thing happens when I type a URL in the windows explorer address bar. Does Paint.NET launch the URL through windows explorer?

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Ghost Ranger, if you want to report what you think is a bug then please use the Bugs & Troubleshooting forum. Otherwise you're seriously derailing this thread.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I think the loadup time decreased. Was that one of the advertised improvements?

No ...

Well, it definitely did. The load time is decreased by several seconds. Nothing to write home about, but noticeable. Maybe this is just a side effect of other fixes you made.

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