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  1. lol they were locked because they were already posted and I couldnt find them
  2. my problem was that it was on the wrong hard drive...but I fixed it now!
  3. yea same thing happens to me. When I run the Paint.NET 3.10(beta installer) when it gets to the part where it is configuring the program for my windows it says there was a fatal error because I was missing a program the installer needed. idk what though
  4. It doesnt let me download...?? It says there was an error that a program wasn't installed into my computer that let the program run...
  5. Is there any way possible to organize my effects? It is getting pretty annoying having to scroll down for the Shape 3D effect...
  6. Off topic....How did you do that cone in the third picture?
  7. I hate you forever! ....I don't! This Plugin is awesome!!
  8. still nothing.... Can some one put the DLL up for download (with pyros permission)
  9. I DL the zip. I unzip it. But its empty? I really like this plug in looks cool and I could do a lot with it but how can I get it?
  10. Thanks now it makes sense! You helped drastically!
  11. How exactly do I use the drop shadow plugin?
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