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  1. I wish that jerkfight didn't just kill the thread.
  2. eh, where are the string instruments? (violin, viola, cello) perhaps guitar/bass should be expanded to include those instruments?
  3. You're missing that clicking on "check for updates..." in the help menu starts a update check, regardless of whether any boxes are checked. All I'm saying is that given both of the above, you would expect that neither of them would search for betas when doing a "manual" update check. However, the second combo does. Therefore, it should be changed so the options are independent of one another to avoid confusion.
  4. No, I'm saying that you can't change "Also check for pre-release..." w/o checking "Automatically check for newer versions..." first. 8)
  5. For the update options, the option to check for beta releases shouldn't be grayed out. That way you can manually check for updates and still get beta releases and/or not have to check the box above it to be able to get pre-releases.
  6. black hole, eh? Wish granted, but SpongeBob and the Smurfs combine forces and conquer the world. I wish that the next post was banana flavored.
  7. ƒ(x)=½y{cos(tan(sin(x!)))•i}³±|x²+y³÷π|^{xyz+xyz!(x-π(8÷i)•y‰)-xy+yz+zx}÷{π+(i-x²y²z²)²}²-|sin(x-cos(y-sin(z)²)²)²|³+1•{(2x!)-((x!)x!)!}-sin(8-π)+(8z-4y)
  8. [70] David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) [40] Kirk Hammett (Metallica) [80] Jimi Hendrix (solo artist) [50] Alex Lifeson (Rush) [60] Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) [35] Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) [20] Carlos Santana (Santana) [60] Joe Satriani (solo artist) [45] Slash (Saul Hudson) (Guns 'n' Roses) [-5] Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) *Dead* :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: [55] Stevie Ray Vaughan (Double Trouble) [/kills somebody for no reason
  9. I present... *drum roll* ...your new hairdo! I wish I had a yellow suffix that henceforward was capable of strangling. (r.w.g.)
  10. Granted, but tax is still charged, making everything cost infinite dollars. Unable to buy anything, everyone in Canada moves to other countries, and the US annexes the territory that was Canada... I wish for a stinging arboretum that lambently articulates. (random word generator)
  11. :? okay... you now have 40... I wish that I had all the candy in the world so I could have a bond-fire :twisted: .
  12. The PS2 is still being supported by Sony, and is still being sold by retailers. The xbox and Gamecube are unsupported, and aren't in stores (for the most part, you'll still be able to find some).
  13. I would include DS and PSP aswell, but wouldn't include the Xbox and Gamecube. So the list would be: [*:bdd94]Wii [*:bdd94]Xbox 360 [*:bdd94]PS3 [*:bdd94]Nintendo DS [*:bdd94]PSP [*:bdd94]PS2 [*:bdd94]Pfft... who cares about consoles when I have my PC!
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