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Old SOTW discussion thread *depricated*

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I only won twice... <_<

I brought up a popularly accepted idea proposed a while ago here and received no strenuous objections, so I used it.

We'll try and get a more structured approach to the next one. These last two weeks (finals for me last week and the spam attack and subsequent move this week) haven't really been conducive to a healthy mental state for me... :shock: :lol::roll: :wink: :|

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I don't remember making a FunFact 2...

I don't see one in my PhotoBucket or in my PDN Stuffs folder either.

The first one was this one:


And I don't think I've made another after that, until now.

If so, though, it's still too late to change it! :wink:

And trust me, I wanted to. I noticed about five minutes later that I had forgotten to slim up the side border. I had extended it to four pixels when I was going to experiment with making the border metal and 3D-esque, but it didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. So I changed it back to solid black, but I forgot to move the sides back out those two pixels each. You can tell the difference between my submitted sig and the one I'm currently using if you look at my post in the submission thread. I knew it was too late to change it for the comp, but darn it if I wasn't going to fix it for normal use.

That slimmer border really does make it look better, though.. :(

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Noticing errors/defects...

Much like CMD, soon after submitting my entry, I noticed some things I didn't like. The beveled edge and drop shadow, particularly. After going back and correcting the issues I didn't like, I came away with this:

  • SOTW_Jerbert_edit.png

Not only is it sleeker, it allows more of the detail in the wood to be seen :)

Looking back, I wonder if "Jerpimp", as apposed to "Pimpbert", would have been a better play on names...


I'm excited about the turnout in this contest. Even janettsue got in on the action - woot! :) Then there's the rise in everybody's artistic/skill level :shock: What's not to get excited about that :D

Good luck to all the entrants!

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I dunno, I rather liked the beveled edge of your submitted one, BuzzKill. It gave it more of the placard feel you seemed to be going for. Perhaps a slimmer one instead of completely removing it?


(I also added some posts holding the glass to the wood. :wink:)

And on the topic of talent, I was very surprised to see a couple of first ever posts in this one. Let me throw a public shout-out to JiMiCrAcK for his incredibly inventive use of Jerbert's mouth as the J in his name. Magnifique. :D

Alright, start spouting off ideas for the next one! Maybe we can start the next SOTW on Monday as the voting for this one ends! (I can hope, right?) :)

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