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Installing Pdn3_5_11 alongside Pdn 4.0.6+

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Sacrilege!... For most users Paint.net 4.0.6 forwards is, by far, the best option! ;)

I would like both versions on my windows 10 laptop for comparison (some problems with Pdn 4+ are down to windows 10 or my set up and lack of knowledge) and to help me update old effects. + I now want to remove as much as I can from my desktop Vista machine, remove it from the internet and use it just as a music home studio. Now, I know E.E.R. posted some instructions on how to do this when Pdn4 was a mere baby... I couldn't run Pdn4 then and now I can't find them?

Current position:

I have just 'custom' installed Pdn 3.5.11 (from filehippo) into a newly created program folder (64 not 'program 86'), which I have called 'OLDpdn'. Pdn 3.5.11 working fine (trusty old stead! B)). I had hoped this might prevent it overwriting Pdn 4.0.6, but it hasn't. The Pdn4.0.6 files, apart from 'staging' remain though, which is good, (so my shapes and prototype effects shouldn't need re-building).

Any ideas on what I need to rename/move before re-installing Pdn4.0.6?... so that Pdn 3.5.11 will remain when future versions of the 4 series are released (probably via zip installer).


Many thanks.


Thanks in advance, thought it better to ask than to experiment (this time ;)).


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I haven't tried it, but I wonder if you can install it on a removable thumbdrive?


There are ways to make programs portable, but I don't know enough about that or if can be done with PDN.....

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Yes you can do it. Performance will suffer.


Rick outlined the steps here http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/28966-portabilise-my-own-copy-of-pdn/?p=413380


According to the FAQ, LiberKey is distributing a portable version (don't know if they are up to date though). See http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/399-frequently-asked-questions-faq/

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