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Impossible to rotate (pan?) layers to the left

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I'm almost 100% sure it was possible to rotate layers to the left side in older versions, but in Paint.NET, I can only rotate them to the right (perspective). Which is just silly. Why is slider by default placed all the way on the left instead of in the middle so you can rotate the layer left or right for 90°?


I wouldn't have noticed this, but I had to align a text to an angled scene and I couldn't allign it because the slider didn't allow me.

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You're misunderstanding how these controls work. Try imagining the roll control is an eyeball with an arrow sticking out of the centre of it.

Rotation is the eye twisting about the arrows shaft. Ouch - yucky.

Next is radial movement. This is twisting the arrow from side to side while it's head does not move. See how the above rotation is still about the arrow shaft even though it's off to one side? In this way these two controls are intrinsically linked.

The final rotation is rotating the arrow about it's sharpened (and bloody) head. This has an effect on radial movement: consider twisting the arrow to one side and then rotating it (that's gotta hurt!).

This macabre and gruesome tutorial is brought to you by Zombies.com (maybe)

In slightly less terrible terminology (thanks Bruce)...

Item1 is the rotation around the center (applied first),

Item3 is the tilt from center.

Item2 is the direction that Item3 is applied in.

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Ok, though that's a really stupid design choice.




Grab the ball and slide it in the direction you want. The sliders work that way because it's just the way the math works out when the ball is mapped to an intuitive UI.


And hold shift to constrain. So the other axes don't drift.


Don't just point at something and call it stupid. Add some intelligence to your sentences. Don't assume something is "stupid" because you haven't figured it out yet.

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