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Missing Utilities/Window/Help from my main window

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The dropdowns following 'effects' don't exist in my installation of 4.0.5, that is, the dropdowns for Utiities, Window and Help. Is there some obvious reason for this?


Here is a screenshot from the help file of the main menu.




And here is how my screen looks.





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You're comparing v3.5.4 with 4.0.5.   Changes have been made - the online documentation has not yet been updated.


The Utilities, Windows and Help menus, are covered by the six icons at the right hand side of the Tool Bar.


Tools window = :Tools:

History window = :clock:

Layers window :Layers:

Colors Window = :Colors:

Settings = :Settings:

Help = :HelpTopics:

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Old thread. Locking.


UKMapping if you wish to restart a discussion, please start a new thread rather than reviving one that has been silent for years. The post date on the last post is a clue ;)


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