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Merge Visible feature for Layers

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As some of us might have noticed with other programs that has support for layers, there is this Merge Visible option under the Layer menu. Photoshop, I think has had it for a long time now.


What it does is basically merge all the visible layers ONLY with top to bottom rule of course and it leaves the unchecked or hidden layers alone and not merged with the rest. The Flatten feature, on the other hand would merge "all" the layers, regardless if they are visible or not.


There are situations where I would wanna hide layers for later use but not merge them with the visible ones just yet that I'm confident to flatten at that moment so a Merge Visible feature for layers is in deed more efficient for this matter than the Flatten feature. This removes the need for me to copy the layer I would want to exclude from flattening unto another file. 


The new Copy Merged feature somewhat merges all visible layers into my clipboard that I could paste to a new layer on top but that's another thing.


I also think a "show all" and "hide all" feature under the Layer menu would be fun as well.


Your opinions please...  :pizza:  :mtdew:

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I think the Layer menu is needing these features. No need to flatten, save as .png and undo. I've seen Photoshop and Gimp have the Merge Visible feature so its about time we have it as well plus the "show all" and "hide all" thing..


I'm also thinking if it would do good (for some) to have an option to pin the tool windows.

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I don't understand why you would want to keep any unused or not visible layers when merging all the visible layers in an image. It makes no sense to me and seems a bit lazy. 



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Does this do what you want?


Ctrl + Shift + C (Copy Merged)


Ctrl + Shift + V (Paste into new layer)



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Why do I want to exclude any hidden or unused layers from flattening or merging?


In the type of edits and work that I do, there are certain elements found on different layers that I would want to be merged first because they have a combined function and but there are those that I want merged last because their function is different and the objects in them would become immovable if I merge them now with the layers of those with other, more important functions.


The copy merged feature only works for me if I CTRL+A select all one visible layer then CTRL+V paste the merged image into a new layer. If there is no active selection, it seems to be grayed out from the Edit menu.


I think the "Merge Visible" function would simplify this because you would not need to create a new layer and paste what's on the clipboard, but instead merges all visible layers into one with 2 clicks (Layer menu>>Merge Visible). You would not need an active selection as well.


And when I had 10-15 layers on a single project, I do think a Show All and Hide All feature for layers would help greatly.

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