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Disabling rotation anchor

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I've recently updated to the new paint.net that includes the rotation anchor which, as the title says I'd really like to turn off as it is extremely annoying when creating pixel arts or anything that involves moving around 1 or a few pixels.

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Hello. :)


It seems you are used to working one way, and have habits of how you work. Learning new habits isn't easy, and a lot of people do not do well with change. However, learning how to be versatile or comfortable at working in a variety of ways isn't a bad thing. It can lead to many improvements both for you, your skills, and your art work.
For example, I realize your thing is pixel art, but I've been going through some learning on how to cut out pictures. At first, I was someone who could only cut out pictures by using selection tools in a rather naive way. But since then, I have started to learn to use the selection tools in a more efficient way for cutting out pictures.  I have also learned four other and better ways to cutting out pictures, and am learning one more way. Now I feel I have a number of different techniques at my fingertips, allowing me to hopefully have better end results.
Perhaps pixel art has more techniques for you to explore, and maybe it has more than one way of being done too. It just takes some learning.

I'd like to say it doesn't hurt to learn new things, but lets face it, it actually does hurt to go through the agonizing process of overriding old habits with new habits. But, in the end, once you get used to the new way of doing things, it's not that big of a deal. ;)


Sadly for pixel work, other than arrow keys, I only have one tip.

You probably already know this and do this, but it's all I can suggest. Sometimes toggling between zoomed in super close to make detailed adjustments, and then zooming back out, helps with tiny art.

If you haven't already, for the kind of art you do, I would recommend learning the shortcut keys for your favorite tools and zooming functions.

For the zoom tool, clicking and dragging the zoom tool lets you zoom in on a specific area. To zoom back out, either click the "Zoom to Window/Actual Size" icon in the bottom right corner of paint.net, or learn their shortcut keys too.

For more zooming tricks, see Menu Bar > View. Becoming fluent with shortcut keys can let you toggle between zooms pretty easily, but there is a learning curve for making efficient zooming habits.


Paint.NET's Rotation Anchor.

Now, even with everything I've said, I actually do agree that sometimes the rotation anchor gets annoying, and I personally never use it, so yes an option to turn it off would be nice.
BUT, the single and only developer of Paint.NET added it in for the benefit of many other Paint.NET users, and also for the sake of the new rotation functionality in Paint.NET 4.0. I'm not sure how things would function without it, but I like the new rotation functions of Paint.NET 4.0, and I wouldn't want the anchor to be taken out if it would break the new functions.



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Still, I am used to grabing it at the center so I'm more accurate.


Change.  It's good for you ;) It's not such a leap to have the mouse outside of the selection - it's much clearer that way too.

How about deleting a dll or some file to get rid of the moving rotation anchor completely?

You've got to be kidding. It's built-in. Several other tools use the same functionality (the new Shapes tool).

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