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Help with a technique (maybe) (hopefully).

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Hey Paint.net people, I've got this cover I made in paint.net. (see attachment--IWS4opinions.jpg)





I'm pretty much liking it but what I'm not thrilled with is the little diagonal white "BOOK" on the big 1 numeral. 


A friend of mine (ins some sort of photoshop editor) did this: (see attachment--ONE-BOLT)




Which, I'm sure you'll agree, looks much better.


Now I don't have to do the same thing, but is there something I can do in paint.net to improve the way the awkward diagonal "BOOK"  looks now? 


Thanks so much.

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I, personally, think your version looks significantly better. It may have fewer effects, but it is cleaner and the contrast with the background is much needed.

To tilt the text better, just type it on a new layer, select it with rectangle select, and use the move tool (right click and drag) to rotate.

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I agree with pdnnoob - the black text is better.  Three examples using the technique pdnnoob described:



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White is ok but it needs to be away from the edge of the top of the 1 because it looks like it is falling off & it looks better italicised. 


My preference is the one just to the left of the 1. Faster to read, more impact.


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In the future, all your problems for an image that are more design-related and subjective should go into the Image Hospital.  Thanks!


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