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  1. all you great people in the forum!
  2. DarkShock, I gave your method a try but kept crashing trying to get that 1594X2394 new image. (My computer needs more memory.) But I was just able to re-do it from scratch so I'm okay now. Thanks so much for the help. I really appreciate it. Gregg
  3. Hey, I made (see attachment) this in and specifically the border in the "effect" "Borders N' Shapes.' I was using the 'move selected pixels' tool to get my text centered just right and then after I would make the adjustment, a big rectangle (basically right around the entire image) would show up on the screen, and I would use "deselect" to get rid of it, but the corners got permanently messed up. I tried to do a new border wit "Borders N' Shapes' but it didn't work. I even--I know, not the brightest thing, but I was kind of desperate at that point--tried using the rectangle tool and getting as close to the inside of the borders, cropping and selecting, and then resizing it to my original 1600x2400 but crashed when I tried that. I'd really rather do it the right way anyway. I can go back and basically re-set everything, but I have changed fonts and font sizes and like I said I have the spacing just the way I want it, so it would be a fair amount of work to go through again. So, do you guys know any way of restoring the border without changing the 1600x2400 dimensions? I had a 3 pixel light gray border. You'll see how it's goofy on the left upper and lower corners. Thanks! P.S. And how do I avoid those rectangles that show up (that I used the deslect to get rid of) when I use the move selected pixels tool to adjust individual text in the layers?
  4. Hey pdnnoob, Ego & barbieq25, Thanks for the advice. (And Ego thanks for the critique of the cover.) It worked perfectly. But now I have a new problem. I'll start a new post for that. Thanks again. You guys are so helpful. Gregg
  5. Hey people, I've got this cover I made in (see attachment--IWS4opinions.jpg) I'm pretty much liking it but what I'm not thrilled with is the little diagonal white "BOOK" on the big 1 numeral. A friend of mine (ins some sort of photoshop editor) did this: (see attachment--ONE-BOLT) Which, I'm sure you'll agree, looks much better. Now I don't have to do the same thing, but is there something I can do in to improve the way the awkward diagonal "BOOK" looks now? Thanks so much.
  6. I know the spacing is off on this but besides this can I get feedback? The book is a humorous thriller along the lines of the Stephanie Plum books but funny. Thanks a lot.
  7. Thanks to everybody for all the help! Here are the latest two versions of the cover. I'm including the blurb (feel free to skip it) just in case you're wondering if the cover fits the story. The novel is called Jamie's Gamble. All feedback or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks! Jamie Thompson is the perfect person. Her CEO father has made sure of that. She has the perfect manners, a perfect tennis backhand and a perfect life. Her father has groomed her to take the helm of the family company when she graduates college in a year. Jamie has a silver spoon in her mouth—and she’s gagging on it. She has to get away. She’s come up with the perfect plan. A friend in a west Texas border town has lined up an accounting job for her, but when Jamie gets there the job has fallen through. But there’s a waitress position open at a bar and grill. The one thing Jamie knows is she isn’t going back to her father, and so, broke, sixteen hundred miles from home and alone for the first time in her life, she goes for it. What she finds is a world of gun-toting cowboys, Mexican drug gangs, the occult and that there’s been a string of brutal rapes and murders. And Ricky Benson, a flame-throwing baseball pitcher, fallen from grace, who she falls head over heels in love with. But the violence escalates. A fellow waitress is murdered, and Jamie feels like she might be next. Then Ricky Benson is accused of murder. Jamie can make one phone call and her father will send the company jet for her—or she can stay and face the life that confronts her and fight for the man she loves.
  8. Thanks Ego. Yeah, I guess the 1.5 is just a bit wider. (I've heard not a few people complain about the 1.6.)
  9. Someone's going to lower the lock so the excessive space between the lock and my name won't be an issue. I did the girl's image with the texture tool Welshblue gave me. Jamie's Gamble is a suspense novel along the lines of Mary Higgins Clark. Thanks for any and all feedback.
  10. Thanks Barb. I didn't think it looked too bad on this one either. And don't you Aussies always say "cya"? Cya. P.S. How about Adam Scott winning the Masters!
  11. Thanks Daniels. Unfortunately I didn't do this cover (my bad--should've mentioned that in my post) so I have no access to layers. But I may hear back from the guy who did it. Thanks for getting back to me. (I'll definitely make use of your tips in the future.)
  12. Thanks Barb for the great advice. I will check out that link using the copy/paste blues.
  13. Question #1) I've heard it said by many people that having "A NOVEL" (as in my cover) is amateurish and unnecessary. Do you agree and think it should be removed? Question #2) If you answered yes to #1, do you have a suggestion as to how I might effectively remove A NOVEL (using Thanks very much. (And sorry about the repetitive posts.)