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Add part of a Picture as a Layer

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I have an icon and it's a circle with the outer areas deleted (transparent).  I need to select only the image area (the circle) and copy it so I can add it with a paste as a layer over another image.  Anyone have any idea how I might go about doing this?

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first off grab this tool > ellipse select >   :EllipseSelectTool: then while holding shift draw around your circle (holding shift will maintain the circle) then use the keyboard command Ctrl + C (to copy) and then Ctrl + Shift + V (to paste your selection) onto a new layer you can then use the move tool >  :MoveTool: to reposition your new layer to where you need it :)

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Alternative method:
1.select 'magic wand'. :MagicWandTool:
2.Click on the transparent areas - only they should show pale blue - (if all is pale blue click deselect  :Deselect: and try again).
3.Edit/Invert selection - now just the opaque/translucent parts of the image are selected.
5.Move to your new image and click Edit/paste into new layer.
6.Drag the newly pasted image into position.


Also useful to press the F1 button and read up selection tools. Here's the direct link: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html


Hope that helps


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Nice answer Red.  Except I think "Move" is a little misleading in step 5.


5.Move to Activate (or open) your new image and click Edit/paste into new layer.

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