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How can I make a game board?

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You could try this tuto (advanced user) :




In step 03 set the vertical step to 60 instead 15.



You could also give a try to this plugin:


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As I would go on about doing a game board is create the shape using the line tool with a smaller pixel size for the outline. Then, select inside the shape, create a new layer beneath the outline layer, and fill in the lines using a larger line/curve tool. The same width of the line should be used throughout. And obviously, change the color of the line each time you create a new "square." I don't know, I usually take longer routes to create work because I'm like that.

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Remember to make it huge if you're intending to print it.  You'll want to use an image size that is 300x300 pixels per square inch of print size.


For example, a board 24" x 16" when printed at 300 DPI would need a source image of 7200 x 4800 pixels.

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You can draw the path using the Dotted Style of the Line/Curve tools with large width.


Or you can draw the path using Line/Curve tool with wide width, then use Magic Wand to select inside the line, then BoltBait's Outline Selection plugin with a different color, then divide the line by drawing lines across the path, as HELEN explained above (with same width used in the Outline Selection)


Or you can draw the path using Line/Curve tool using wide width, then add some Drop Shadow with different color, then draw the across lines with same color (this give best smooth result)



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