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I've been being taken to "paint.net" when clicking topics on the forum.


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The URL paint.net is owned by Warren Paint. That is true. Our URL is getpaint.net.

They used to have a landing page with links to us as well as their paint store.

Now, they've replaced that with a nice web site. They still have a notice on page 2 of their intro that says "Looking for software by the same name? Try getpaint.net" but it is not clickable.

They don't have to link to us, they do it just to be nice. We don't have any control over that.

Now, if there is a link on this forum that points to them, just report the post and we'll fix it.

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Well, for example, when I click the "Paint.NET Forum" button at the top of the page, it takes me to the other website, and when I click on the titles of posts I want to go to, it takes me to that same website.

I actually got sent there twice just trying to get to where I could see this thread.


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I suspect you're clicking an ad? Can you post a screenshot of exactly what you're clicking on?

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You have something weird going on at your end. That link should direct you to the URL forums.getpaint.net (the 'home' screen of the forum).

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