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Object edges (new 19th Oct 2012)

Red ochre

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Object Edge

This allows you to simply colour the edges and middle of an object to produce outlines or bevel effects.

(This, along with ‘alpha-threshold’ will be replacing ‘tweak transparency’ when I update my plug-in pack. Though I intend to keep the overly complicated ‘tweak transparency’ available in its own thread.)

It is now in my updated pack here:

Red ochre plugin pack

Pictures speak louder than words (click for larger images).

1originalobjectsthumb.png 2defaultsthumb.png 3opaqueedgethumb.png

4abruptopaquethumb.png 5stripeythumb.png 6moreedgethumb.png



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Hi pdnnoob,

I thought it was easier to write a new plugin, rather than try to explain 'tweak transparency' - which I barely understand myself!

This does most (not all) of what that can do, and much easier to use. ;)

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Nice. As much as I like Drop Shadow...It's nice to have a choice. :smile:


I don't know how I could of compared object edge with drop shadow. :doh:


This plugin is easier than Tweak Transparency, but I had a fun time figuring out how to use Tweak, so I'm glad that you are keeping it.

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Hi there StekOks - welcome to the forum.


Your text needs to be on a transparent layer in order for the plugin to find the edges.  See the sample images are surrounded by the grey and white checkerboard pattern - this denotes transparency.


Try removing the background (Magic Wand + click on background color & press Delete).

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