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Diamond gradient star effect


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


My first attempt at helping the community. I'm not aware of a similar posting.

You can easily save the top layer as a transparent png and use it multiple times on top of other pictures. You can also adjust the colors with the hue tool. You can make it smaller and use it as a smaller sparkle effect on corners of objects and use the rotation tool in the layer properties tab so it's not just horizontal. Place it on a top layer and rotate that layer 10 degrees. If you place this on your project and it looks too transparent or weak on impact, just duplicate the layer.



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You're very welcome. Remember that saying you know everything means that you've stopped expanding your knowledge. You succeed in life when you die on your last lesson.

I hope to inspire some to play and learn. There is no such thing as one solution to an answer. Excuse me while I learn something else.

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Nice technique Visual! I'm sure there is a globular cluster lurking in this technique :)

Couldn't help but notice that you're using an old version of Drop Shadow - it might pay to download a fresh version of KrisVDM's plugin pack ;)

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I like it.

How many other variations have you tried?

Change the levels, invert colors, change layer properties. If you don't like something, who will know? Just erase it.

I was just messing around with the colors a minute ago, after I skimmed over the thread again and looked at your purple variant. The cyan, blue, and purple lines tie together well. I couldn't get a good result, but I did, after a bit of messing around, come up with this:


I must say, it looks far better in the thumbnail than in actual size.

The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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Thank you so much.

I've tried to achieve this exact effect trough many ways, but failed every time. Thanks again, I will be using this oftenly.

Here's something I made using this tutorial.



Cool! I like your version! Maybe a little more of a static effect would perfect it :) - p.s. Could you tell me how you got that image into your comment? Because it's not working for mine :/



I play lots of Minecraft, (Minecraft.net), only 'creative mode' though. View my 'builds' and other stuff here: planetminecraft.com/member/fighterbear12  :smile:

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p.s. Could you tell me how you got that image into your comment? Because it's not working for mine :/


Stop asking this question every time you post.  You have started a thread with this question and have the answers you need there. Go check it out http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26258-cant-get-image-into-comment/

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Drop shadow works by adding a shadow to the transparent side of an edge.  Thus, you need an edge where there are opaque pixels on one side and transparent pixels on another.  If the layer is completely filled with opaque pixels there will be no change when using Drop Shadow.

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No, not a transparent gradient.   That only adjusts the opacity of regions of the layer or selection.  You need to create a white diamond gradient which is surrounded by transparent pixels.


The first two sentences in red text are the clues.  There are two layers.  The lower of the two layers is filled with solid black, the other has the gradient on it.


The gradient is made using White as the Primary color @ 100% opacity and the secondary color (any shade) @ 0% opacity.  Find these transparency settings in the expanded Colors Window.

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