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  1. This is what I came up with after adding another step or replacing a step that I could not understand....But an excellent idea Ninja!
  2. Well then allow me to be more precise as to what your instructions is lacking..... 1: At step 4, Open what? What are we all supposed to assume we are opening? Of course I just figured we were supposed to open what we just saved, right? meaning the previous file at this point is deleted, right? So we are actually opening a file we just saved and deleted the file we started with, Right? 2: Brushes?! I should have been more to the point rather than assuming, My bad! Now for the question....What are the brushes for ( Not its location or its function ) if we already have a smoke pic in tran
  3. Details! Details! Its all in the Details! How about writing this tut similar to a manual....Just-sayn... Thanks all.
  4. Ok, I'm not acuatlly new to this, but! Come on! I tried and tried! to no success.....I'm lost at the start of step 4, Open new what? Then what? Brushes? I have a headache! The universe is unfolding on it self! I surrender, I give up! It would be easier and less painful to remarry My Ex! Ok Seriously now, I have tried different steps as too maybe what you meant and well all I can say is " I'm more confused than Mike Tyson in a spelling B contest!
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