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  1. This is what I came up with after adding another step or replacing a step that I could not understand....But an excellent idea Ninja!
  2. Well then allow me to be more precise as to what your instructions is lacking..... 1: At step 4, Open what? What are we all supposed to assume we are opening? Of course I just figured we were supposed to open what we just saved, right? meaning the previous file at this point is deleted, right? So we are actually opening a file we just saved and deleted the file we started with, Right? 2: Brushes?! I should have been more to the point rather than assuming, My bad! Now for the question....What are the brushes for ( Not its location or its function ) if we already have a smoke pic in transparent form, what does the brush imprint provide other than adding to the smoke pic to begin with or is the process needed in order for the outcome to be successful. 3: I have followed your instructions, The outcome of my pic is the black background is actually the background of the flame rather than being black and the smoke being flame. I'm only asking because I love your Idea and very interested in your creativity in regards to flame making!!.........Perhaps I'm asking way to much from you. So if anyone else could provide the answers I would very much appreciate it.
  3. Details! Details! Its all in the Details! How about writing this tut similar to a manual....Just-sayn... Thanks all.
  4. Ok, I'm not acuatlly new to this, but! Come on! I tried and tried! to no success.....I'm lost at the start of step 4, Open new what? Then what? Brushes? I have a headache! The universe is unfolding on it self! I surrender, I give up! It would be easier and less painful to remarry My Ex! Ok Seriously now, I have tried different steps as too maybe what you meant and well all I can say is " I'm more confused than Mike Tyson in a spelling B contest!