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  1. Plugin Index

    Could you please make a plugin package for us? I'd like to be able to just download a .zip file with all the effect files inside, so I can just drag them into the Paint.NET > effects folder. Thanks
  2. Concrete Texture tutorial

    effects>colour>solarize? I don't have that effect ?_?
  3. Engraved/ Embossed Pitted Metal

    Niice! Soo gonna use this!
  4. Diamond gradient star effect

    Cool! I like your version! Maybe a little more of a static effect would perfect it - p.s. Could you tell me how you got that image into your comment? Because it's not working for mine -Hussein
  5. I can't get any images into forum comments, I tried with imgur and stuff, but that doesn't work (wont let me), can't add image any other way either... Please help.
  6. Clipwarp Shiny Text

    Wow, very good TUT! I made one myself, but the Smooth plugin isn't working for me, but that didn't stop me -I can't get the image into the description =[, could someone tell me how?
  7. BlendModes Plus v2.3.5 (3/24/10)

    Woo! My Mum has PS, but I have a fully plug'd Paint.NET! XD
  8. Too much for this noob!
  9. Currently addicted to a game I got a ban on...

  10. Clipwarp Shiny Text

    WOW! I never knew there was so much to Paint.NET!!! OMG I'm such a noob at this sorta stuff, I keep wishing I had Photoshop (still do, but hey!), then I would be bothered with TUTs, well yeah, thanks for the tutorial, I am SO gonna try this epic stuff out! -Hussein