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  1. They labeled co2 as a harmful element. Plants use it to make o2. How is that harmful? The worst thing would be to have less co2, then less o2 is being made. If they want a fight for something that actually is a problem, then they can go and fight the plastics companies. Every ocean has a floating blob mass of plastics that have been called islands of plastic. The sizes that i've seen would make me call them plastic countries instead. IFR reactors were invented long ago, and we have even better technology now. It takes over a decade to complete one. We are way behind what we need. Politicians are just too busy feeding government contracts to family and friends so this goes unfulfilled for our future.
  2. I agree they are not a lie, but when the other side tells everyone that it does solve all problems, why do they call me a hater for exploding the myth? The process of making PV panels is toxic and releases harmful agents to the atmosphere. I can't believe that of all channels CNN had a show on how many of the green movement are now fighting for nuclear power. It was called pandora's something. Please watch it when you can. You will see what i've learned and have been fighting for the last decade. They invented an IFR reactor that can't meltdown when backup power is lost, but the green movement had it blocked on the international arena. Sad disgusting people. You will see that radiation levels at the waste storage centers is much lower than in city's around the world, which occurs naturally. They can also reprocess the waste and use it over and over.
  3. You can buy pieces, but get an installed quote for a complete installed system like a grid-tie. I'm really close with the price. That is not entirely true. Subsidies for installations pay for a huge amount of their savings. Taxpayers pay that subsidy for them to save. If you don't own nor can install any panels, you pay for their subsidy. Let's talk about being fair. Also, the chinese have undercut and flooded the market with cheap panels that are now being controlled. Exactly right, daniels. Pennsylvania is being hurt as well. This has impacted maybe a milion families and small towns. The greenies don't care becaue it doesn't impact them. China is burning as much coal every day and they don't care about who complains. If we don't burn it, they just sell it to china and they burn even more. I'd be willing to bet that as much or more coal is being burned on earth as it was before the green movement because of china's growth. I'm not a solar hater, just don't be that the hype around it as a solve everything. The last figures i read on it was that solar and windmills make up around 2 percent of america's electric demand. A whole 2 percent after spending how many billions?
  4. If you own a townie or home. What about the millions of condo or apartment owners who do not own the roof?
  5. Name one situation other than 50 year old reactors in japan that were wrongly installed on the ring of fire of the pacific? Too much plate tectonics going on in that area. Chernobyl was about the same age. No reactors for california, unless you want japan again. Today's technology in like a ox cart compared to a lamborghini. Name one nuclear sub or carrier that has had any problems. The newest nuclear animal is cold fusion. Unlike what is portrayed in movies for sensationalism, they do not explode like a bomb. Build one with today's technology and on ground not in earthquake areas, and you have a winner. Solar for windows or on rooftops is subject to bylaws in most places where people live. My area forbids installations because it will detract from the neighborhood values (so they say). If you live in a city you don't own the rooftop. Most people can't afford a 35 thousand dollar system that will never repay the up front costs and the maintenance along the way, for a home that costs 200 grand. Panels live around ten years. Switches fail. Inverters fail. The skewed data by the green crowd is nothing but a lie. Solar will work along the equator and not much above it.
  6. ID cards don't have anything inside of them that track where you are at all times of the day...yet, that is. Gasoline cars have been built much more efficient lately. In the 70' you could see the gauge move when you were getting 8 mpg. Windmills workout less than you think per kilowatt hours. No wind, no power. Plasics are killing the planet more than co2. Widmills are full of plastics and the process adds huge amounts of pollutants during their construction. Panels? No sun, no solar. The states have declared war on nuclear due to propaganda like the movie in the 70's on 3 mile island, and the Tokoyo incident. Build one on a fault line and of course it will get damaged at some point. Nuclear is the only true clean to the air source. Nobody here thought it totally out yet though. Not every aspect, which i hoped somebody would see. What happens in 30 years if 300 million electric cars are on the road in the states, and all of the batteries need replacing? Batteries are considered toxic waste by the epa. They are also 2 to 300 pounds of lead, mercury, acids and a whole bunch of yummy things (it's like a forklift battery). The cost of that will be immense, so the real cost of an electric car may actually increase. The real reason for the mileage tax is because electric cars don't burn gasoline, and that's where the road taxation is. So, why not impose the mileage tax on electric cars only, and leave the gasoline cars alone? They will get double taxed. Daniels is correct. Nat gas may hold the real key, but it will cost more than 1 trillion to convert gas stations into nat gas units.
  7. Hi, JM and welcome to pdn I am not aware of any way to do this. It is embedded in the file. When the ico is made it can be 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 bit or anything that the creator wanted to exclude. I can open icons with a paid program and see what is included.
  8. @Helen Try this free for 30 days http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/LanSecure-Security-Center-Lite/1141438988/1 There are some freewares out there also. Just search for wifi intrusion or wifi detection and see what comes up. Good luck. You really need to change your access pin on a monthly/weekly basis until you annoy the hacker and they go away. It's annoying for you, but it works.
  9. The problem is that the big corps have a general monopoly. They divide the areas up and charge what they want. Many believe they can walk to another store and get a better price, but those, and others, are really owned by the same parent company, or are really govt protected agents. Sorry, not paranoid. Boo!
  10. Hi, Helen They have monitoring programs to look if someone is on your wifi. I would suggest that you find one. That may not be your problem, but it may be. Expanding the range will not help. I would suggest a wirelss N router. Many have 3 antennas on them. Try to reduce the range though. Remove two of them. It doesn't help to expand your range a half mile, if you use it inside of your home, It only makes it viewable to others. The N router will give you the bandwidth that you need. Make sure to use a large key and not.. helen or fido. Try to use 186DrhnFrew<_ along those lines. Symbols, spaces, caps and small caps in the cypher.
  11. Sorry everybody, i know i will take some flack for these. The messenger is always blamed for reporting the crimes of others. Many of you don't see these issues yet, because your country is not in the same horrible position as the states. Lucky you. America is going to impose a mileage tax on top of the gasoline tax. They will monitor it with spying components in the cars. So i get what the picture was intended to tell me. The other point is that electric cars are not clean and based on a fraud. You plug it in at your house and never see where and how the electricity is made with fuels. Power station output has greatly increased to keep up with all the electric gadgets and cars creating as much or more carbon output. So, go ahead and toss more darts at my head. I still like you all. Call me the weird uncle, i guess. I promise not to add any more.
  12. This is from an unknown artist who sent it to me. You can distribute it as you wish.
  13. For the future. Just add a layer for text. Write hints on what you did for each effect or adjustment. You just uncheck it when you need an image with your changes. When you do a lot of works, it's impossible to remember it all.
  14. They can't just scare away everyone at once. All of the social sites have been giving up information on all users for years at the request of the NSA. They have also been greatly compensated, so they quietly didn't put up a fight. Some have made statements about wanting to tell you all about it, but have been told not to. Once you let uncle sleep on your couch, next week he has his friends over to his "new" pad. Then, you get the house destroying party. Baby steps.
  15. Google just announced that they will be selling your information, images and comments. I heard that instaflam and jokebook is doing the same thing. The truth finally reveals itself. Compile as many members and their information. Sell the heck out of it. http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2013/10/11/google-terms-web-ads/2965507/ Addition: http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/google-to-put-user-photos-comments-in- online-ad-endorsements/2013/10/11/322e483e-3289-11e3-8627-c5d7de0a046b_story.html http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2013/10/11/google-to-sell-user-profiles-and-photos-in-ads/ Faked reviews and endorsements: http://gigaom.com/2013/07/24/twitter-says-sorry-for-fake-endorsements-legal-fall-out- unclear/ http://ftcbeat.com/tag/endorsements/ http://blogs.denverpost.com/personalinterest/2013/10/11/fake-online-reviews-call-for- caution-from-consumers/2281/ http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/jan/26/fake-reviews-plague-consumer-websites I am not scared of any of these huge internet moguls. I am scared for the public for what they do. As asked, i will take a break. I am not paranoid, just informed.
  16. What you just wrote may be the best of both worlds. It really depends where you think your own innovation comes from. Your idea, or a product. I read that you use PS. If you have the other products such as AE you really need some heavy lifting to use it to full potential. I have yet to see any tablet that has the power for video processing and the effects. I render scenes and objects at 6,000 or 10,000 pixels at times. I think i would melt every tablet out there trying to attempt it on one of those toys. You need a lot of ram and gpu power. If, you just need a pressure sensitive screen for doing something like a real painting, and if its ok for you on a smaller screen, then who am i to tell you what to use. I prefer 25 or 27" screens.
  17. Careful about using online services and needing to upload something. You may give away the rights to your work when you do it. Read the terms carefully before using any online service.
  18. Maybe. Does it matter if you lose a couple of pixels between every one? You will need to do some math. You can make a new layer and render gridlines after computing what you need. Select the black grid with wand and leave it selected. On the layers panel select the layer with your image and then delete the grid outline. You will see the grid selection on top of your image if you uncheck the top layer. Depending on the width of the lines you will not lose much. Then, you can select each image with rectangle select tool.
  19. What makes you so confident that doing things on a smaller screen, such as a tablet, with less memory and less gpu power is an advantage? I have seen so many "must have newer things" that fall short. When something isn't broken, why fix it? A good tower with the best equipment can outwork 10 tablets with a tiny screen, that you need to play with your fingers, or whatever else they want to sell. It's not even close. I understand why the industry wants to sell something new, but if it's the same things in new colors or with a toy...who cares. I do not want to network render. I do fine on my own without the eyes. I read your post a few times and began to wonder. Is this a new marketing ploy to get people to follow along. I don't follow for following sake. It began to read like an advertising story.
  20. Nicely done +1. You will be asked to type the directions between each image and not place it on the images.
  21. Mister Atwell, we will agree to disagree. The big internet firms have been paid a lot of money from NSA for the data that they collect on everyone. The funniest thing i have seen over the last few months, was wording on google start page that claimed that they respected your privacy. They were compensated for not respecting your privacy. You are correct in assuming that the average person probably doesn't need to fear, but larger targets like banks and hospitals need to be scared out of their minds. My real issue is that it's not that they claim that they need to protect your data, or the public will be outraged. They have been selling it for years already to their friends at marketing firms. That is the problem. Your information belongs to you, and it's not theirs to sell. They have dozens of redundant storage centers. All it will take is another compromise. One turned employee can download tens of terabytes in no time, and sell them to whichever country will pay them the most.
  22. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I have and use brushes to do this, but for those who don't...here you go. Start with any image and make multiple duplicates. You need to roll/rotate and change each one slightly different. This will take some time to get enough. The final image did not have enough for my liking, but you should get the point. Here i made a new layer and used the random shape brush at 6 pixels and drew black as you see. You select one area with the wand, and with it still selected you you click on any of the 4 starting layers. Copy, and paste to a new layer. Use each layer for each of the 4 areas. This is an option for each broken glass section to help sell the effect. Select the area and make a new layer. Fill that layer with a white and transparent gradient. If you do each section a little different, your outcome may be more realistic. Otherwise, you can ignore or come back to this. Now you have each of your sections on layers. This is where i should have rolled each beginning image just a little more. Each section needs some edge cleaning with AA's &lt; no swearing &gt;istant. Now you select each layer and move them a bit. This makes the cracks vary is width. Drop shadow with settings like this, or your own. Do all sections with varying offset drop. Cleanup each drop layer with another AA's as shown The bottom layer is the same image untouched and now seen through the crack. Hit each layer with a light color or white as shown. Before this final result you can darken the bottom layer, add dents, noise or or whatever you like. Now, you can also go back to the white gradient from a few images ago and add some reflection to each of the 4 areas. This will help sell the final result as more realistic if that's what you're going for. As always, change it up and have fun.
  23. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Start off with cloud plugin with white and secondary color set to transparent. Bottom layer is so you can see. I did a gradient color so you can see it is transparent. Wand it to try and capture the whitest areas to use as highlights, and hit control I to invert selection. Copy and paste that to a new layer. Feather the edges of the top layer to soften them. And adjust layer properties to your liking. On the lower cloud layer i hit wand a few times to until it had some areas of the darker zones not selected, then hit control I to invert it. Cut those out. I also chose to remove some additional areas for balance with the eraser. I used AA's assistant and then applied feather. Here i changed the background so you can better see things. You can stop at any point that you like your outcome. I chose to select all to one layer at a time and moved the bottom marker up to squeeze the clouds at the top half. Do the same amount to both cloud layers What you have now is the clouds at the top. For a sunset type of effect add drop shadow to the bottom cloud layer with red to amber. Your choice. I made additional adjustment with black drop shadow as shown. Finally coming to making a full range of color changes with the hue and saturation adjustments. They are not intended to look like real high def clouds. You may get something that looks a little more realistic with using less feather and feather. Good luck and have fun.
  24. Exactly. Here's another paranoid point that i realised a few years ago. What if they have a way today that nobody has the ability to hack and read the information? They can just pick certain targets of interest and record all of that data flying through the air. Record it for months and years. Later, somebody breaks that code. Now, all they do is go back to the recorded stuff and read every hash. All of these fancy new exciting things look cool, but they create a whole new set of problems. When in a transition mode, you have doubled your weak security areas. First adopters are at the highest risk. I can access this site on my original way today. That was the only one disturbed yesterday.
  25. I still can't access this website with my first way. I can access everything else but here since posting this. I'm using a second way. When you type certain phrases or words, governments respond and flood the network to find out why. They cause a lot of DNS attacks.
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