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  1. Hi, JM and welcome to pdn I am not aware of any way to do this. It is embedded in the file. When the ico is made it can be 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 bit or anything that the creator wanted to exclude. I can open icons with a paid program and see what is included.
  2. Nicely done +1. You will be asked to type the directions between each image and not place it on the images.
  3. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I have and use brushes to do this, but for those who don't...here you go. Start with any image and make multiple duplicates. You need to roll/rotate and change each one slightly different. This will take some time to get enough. The final image did not have enough for my liking, but you should get the point. Here i made a new layer and used the random shape brush at 6 pixels and drew black as you see. You select one area with the wand, and with it still selected you
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Start off with cloud plugin with white and secondary color set to transparent. Bottom layer is so you can see. I did a gradient color so you can see it is transparent. Wand it to try and capture the whitest areas to use as highlights, and hit control I to invert selection. Copy and paste that to a new layer. Feather the edges of the top layer to soften them. And adjust layer properties to your liking. On the lower cloud layer i hit wand a few times to until it had some areas of the dar
  5. This was intended to be a beginners help, and not for the experienced members (move it?). Not taking any insult. Welsh's try did some changes and made it appear to be something like neon. Looks good.
  6. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Starting off with 3 lines of various widths in white on layer 2. The background is so you can see it. A second variation is to make 3 lines and fill them with a gradient with white and transparent. Make them less transparent at the top. This way the effect dissolves to nothing as it gets closer to you. Like this You can do this part various ways, but this is using the gradient bars. Make sure to set white as primary color, and set black to 0 percent transparency. Belo
  7. I welcome all of your negative and good comments. This was done to help those with limited ability. I could have done some elements with an expensive program to render the letters in glass or a custom texture, but that would defeat the purpose. If only one person gets better, i have done well. Thank you, all. You succeed when you help others to become better than yourself.
  8. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial has a lot of images. You will end up with something like this. I have some other things to help beginners. Frustration on how to do certain things is just part of learning. Here we go. You're going to make 3 layers. Always refer what is going on with the side panels. I made a large T in a dark blue on layer 2 with a bold font. Make a smaller T with a lighter blue on layer 3. You need to re-size the top T to fit inside the larger
  9. One is provided free. I use ps it is not exactly cheap and it's an older version. You just have to get good with the tools you have. It is not always grab a hammer and pound away. Sometimes you grab another tool and twist. Learn how to use the tools. It's not about how expensive the tools are.
  10. You can also use the smudge tool with or without the boltbait advice.
  11. Just had a look see. It looks very good and a lot like pergo flooring. That type of flooring doesn't use a bevel like real hardwood floors do. If water was to collect and go down in the seams, it would expand like a sponge. The downside to modern products made from compressed fibers.
  12. Hope you do not mind that i borrowed your image and made an addition. You can also make beveled flooring that will tile in both directions. The image was 800x600 so you divide it into 4 200 pixel blocks. Select bottom layer and paste it to a new layer making sure it stays in the 0 to 200 area. Add beveling to your liking. To remove beveling on the edge you leave it selected, bevel it and move it up. Deselect it. [/url]"> The bottom layer 200x600 you selected is still ready and should be pasted into another layer. Apply bevel and move into position. [/url]"> Mak
  13. With all do respects to the website amins, i know this is usually a forbidden topic. I always hear about that they were not a real muslims or christians. Most want to ignore and not look. If we do not speak and come together, we will find that we are puppets to masters. This is a rant thread. It helps to speak and be gone with it, temporarily speaking. 90 percent of the world believes in a deity. You can't delete that. Most are seekers of the truth in their lives. In the other threads this is not appropriate. Sorry, i give away the pulpit.
  14. Christians are a minority in the world. There have been more deaths attributed to a book, of what you believe, than all wars combined. One day, i hope all the book people will remember this. Live corrrectly, and all will be solved. Live to serve mamon, and learn wrongly. In America, this is being disolved by the class that will soon takeover the American government. Damn, i hope i am wrong. The numbers say that i am right. Hate getting older.
  15. Today's rant involves our personal conversations being recorded and stored. I just read about video teleconferencing, and they mentioned Skype by name. If you ever used them, you have been recorded. They have a plan to tell you that if you are not doing anything wrong, who cares. You may have been discussing products in development, and one of the big internet companies stole it. You may have been in discussion with a doctor about a personal problem. They now have this private information and will attempt to sell it. Call me crazy, but this is not going well. Recording phones, e-mails and vid
  16. Visual

    Rainbow Torus

    The mulicolored torus is nicely done by klaxxon. YM, you should do a tut for yours as well. Nice job.
  17. If you search you can find a freeware named unfreez gif creator. You can save a line of gif images and drop them in. It will save it as an animated gif. The bonus to this is you can remove as much dithering as you want before dropping them in. The file just gets a bit bigger in size. If you can't find it let me know, i still have a copy.
  18. If i may add. This is an important point he just told you. I always save a master of something as a pdn and when you decide to make changes and save it in whatever format, you'll always have something to go back and adjust. I used to punch myself because i would flatten and save it and close pdn. When i wanted to change it again i realised that it was now time to start over. Trust me and save a master copy as a pdn.
  19. Nicely done. I like the way you have used the tile effect on top. Or actually its the bottom.
  20. I laughed when i realized that i misspelled shiny as shiney. I am always thinking about ways that i had to do things before i got kind of spoiled with newer and fancier programs that i have now. Every once in a while the cobwebs clear.
  21. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Have you ever wanted to add a glint/shine on the edge of an object like this shiny button?. This may help. Start with a black bottom later. Add a layer and make a white line set around 20 pixels wide. Make sure it's centered. This is 800 wide and the line starts at 200 and ends at 600. Go to Effects/Distortions, Polar transformation. The default will look like this at 100. Set it at various levels to get the shape you want. This all depends on how close the marker is whe
  22. Everyone has my permission to hit me on the back of the head with a tire iron if you ever hear me, or read about me, asking for people to visit a facebook or blog page related the the deaths of 20 children. This is crass, insensitive, self-absorbed, selfish and totally out of touch with respect to these families. The nerve of people looking to get hundreds or thousands of new friends or hits so they can tell you their opinion on something that is nothing more than face time television. I've lost so much respect for a few which i cannot have any longer. Choke on your new facebook hits. You are
  23. Agree. And when the bad people think that in my state that nobody can carry a weapon, all hell will break out. Crime increases when bad people think there is no deterrent. They buy military weapons from illegals, gang members, or across the border. I'm talking about the full auto type. There is nothing wrong with a semi, though a 100 round drum should be banned. Second point: I heard a commentator on a broadcast say that this young man didn't even have a facebook page. Nobody that i associate with has one. Does that mean that the group of us are to be singled out, because we are more likely
  24. I'm of the same feeling. I own and carry weapons responsibly. I have training. The weapons in question were legally purchased. I can kill with a Bic pen or a pencil if needed. What boils my blood is the news crews shoving cameras in peoples faces to get ratings from forced emotional responses. They want to gain ratings from this? This shows how sad the industry has become. More teens are killed with phones and texting while driving, than all of the drunk drivers and incidents like this combined every year. None of them will go on record to condemn texting or phone usage for teens on the roa
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