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I can't get the text tool working

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I'm about to put my foot through the monitor in a minute, this program is infuriating.

I paste a picture into Paint.net. That works fine. Resize it, fantastic works just as I want it to. Click "text", choose a colour.. no text. Just blank. So I click text again.. blank. I choose a different colour.. still blank. It's forever making me type invisible text.

So I have to close paint.net, re-open. Text is magically working again. So I decide to make the text first, THEN add the pictures. So I write the text, all goes fine. I add the pictures, all works fine. I go to move the text and pictures around to align them properly.. nothing will move! It just creates invisible squares or makes me try and write text again, so I click on the history on the right to select what I want to move, and everything suddenly vanishes and disappears!

I know this program is freeware so I've no right to complain, but it really is infuriating when people release software that doesn't even work. I may not have paid for the program but I do have to pay my ISP for the bandwidth I just wasted downloading this pile of tosh.

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Hello TommyToxen,

You sound frustrated ! - I'll do my best to help.

1.Are you putting text on a new layer? - it's best to, as this makes it easier to move later.

2. If you have a 'selection' active (highlighted pale blue), you can only work within that selection. - Try Edit/ deselect.

3. If you are moving things and revealing the 'chequer board' pattern (represents transparency), then you've probably put everything on one layer?

4.If everything dissappears when you click in the history window - you've probably clicked on the undo all icon instead of the undo last thing icon.

These explainations are just my guesses - but if you read through the help files (press the F1 key) and get to understand layers, i think you'll solve most of your problems.

If not, then ask again - all programs take some getting used to.

I can assure you this is a very well designed and capable program and the problems you have described don't sound like a major problem with the program.

But, as ever, I could be wrong!

All the best (don't kick the monitor in either!) :smile:


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I´m notice this version 3.5.10 has "deselect" button this is nuisance, in older versions You just click outside or press enter and it deselec now program force you to click that <snip> button

maybe this affecting you too

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Coming on here and ranting how PDN is a POS wont help you in my book as stated above if the software had the problems you mentioned don't you think the boards would be full of people complaining.

Even so I feel obliged to help you.

1. Make sure the text layer is above your image layer

2. Make sure you don't already have an active selection somewhere PRESS CTRL + D before selecting the text tool.

3. Make sure you have chosen a colour that can be seen

Thats all I can think off but remember the problems are yours not PDN's ;)

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Most likely:

2. Make sure you don't already have an active selection somewhere PRESS CTRL + D before selecting the text tool.

As this is not a bug...,

<Moved to Paint.NET Discussion and Questions>

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