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Tools fail to work

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Ok so this happens all the time to me and I cannot figure it out. I know the problem is between the keyboard and the chair but I am working on a picture. Copy and pasting for instance one piece of one into another. Or right now I was cropping the background out of the a picture of my daughters cheer group I want just them not all the other stuff to put into an image for their website. everything is going fine I am probably doing it the wrong way but I know it will work I used the trace tool thingy to draw around them slowly but leaving a some little pieces here and there rather than cut anyones hair or head out and plan to erase it out or cut it or whatever. I am doing fine when suddenly the eraser will not work on the picture as if I am on a wrong layer or something. Only I check and can't find anything but the one layer. This happens a lot sometimes it is with the pen or other tools. When I copy and paste a piece of another image in then place it and let it become part of the picture and it is there and a part of it then when I try to do anything it just doesn' work once again as if I am on the wrong layer. Sometimes Ican save and close and bring it back up and then it works. the "merge" layers is not an available option. I know this is something very simple and I am missing something can someone please tell me what it is? Also any easy way to cut people out of a picture my way takes a while.....Thanks in advance

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Remember to breathe!


It sounds as though you might be pasting a selection and attempting to erase outside of that selection (or vice-versa) while it remains selected. Ensure that the correct area is selected, or alternatively deselect all if selection is not a criteria.




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I think 'Crimson' has a point here,

I have experienced the same - when using large canvas sizes and high resoloutions (from a scan).

I put it down to a 'lag' - because of the amount of info being processed ?

3 sentances begining with 'I' - must be time for a new paragraph.

try using the eraser in short bursts - then you can undo - if you make a mistake (don't keep the right click held down).

If still no luck - just select all / deselect - it will come back (don't do loads of erasing on one click - so less time wasted?).

best of luck - only speaking from experience (definately not knowledge!)

and hello Crimson ! :smile:


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Guess is slipped by. Must have been posted the same day as the annual Moderators picnic :lol:

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