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Good Isometric Angle

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I want to know what is the better angle for drawing isometric stuff , Searching came up with 30 or 26.565 . however , i find 26.565 easier to draw with the pencil tool and i think it looks better . But 30 is very simple to draw because Paint.net helps me to do it when pressing Shift with the line tool .

So both drawing is okay , but i want to see your opinions about which one looks more like a professional isometric style , Here is an image of two boxes:


Thanks , Your Opinion really matters

Also here is another Request for PDN 4.0 : Try to include 26.565 angle in the line tool aswell , this will be very useful .. Thanks a lot.


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actually the 26.565 is discordinate looking. if you were drawing a home/house shape it would indicate a slanted roof with the higher side at the left top. the bottom box is more true to shape perspective wise.

watch your perpendicular lines when drawing box shapes.

ciao OMA

Hello, Oma, thanks for the fast reply

these are some shapes i drew on the 26.565 angle:


The houses looks Ok , right?

Please tell me if that's wrong i find 30 angle a bit harder when trying to draw a house ..


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EDIT: scratch what I just said...I just realized you already know all that lol

2:1 ratio (26.565 degrees) looks a heck of a lot better simply because the lines look cleaner. Even if the perspective isn't quite right, I would rather have straight, clean lines than proper perspective

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those shapes look better. appears you've managed to keep all the lines perpendicular in them.

go with the one you find easier to draw, just make sure all perspective is done on the same plane or you will get one wonky world. you can sometimes get away with fudging perspective on some pictures, doesn't work for every drawing though.


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Ahmed: Why not try two vanishing points? One would be on the left and the other on the right. That's how we "see" perspective.

Traditionally isometric technical drawing uses 30 degrees, but then the drawing is more concerned with imparting information rather than perspective correctness.

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Its one of the hallmarks of early games is to have a false perspective drawn using programmatic methods. You'd scroll up and down and the plane was never to infinity. In fact you'd never see a horizon. It was always a fixed downward angle for the most part. These sorts of angles and rigid geometry are more programmatic approaches and drafting related than useful for some things.

When you are actually able to draw the shapes you can use the technique of convergence to your advantage to add additional depth and scale to these things.

Just depends on what look you are aiming for really. Without a background setting and other buildings nearby to see what you're aiming for I'm at a loss at even guessing what is correct. Games cover so much more territory now ...


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Just offering a thought, if it's worth anything at all, I remember somebody gave me a tip. Use the grid maker plug-in, then run rotate/zoom to set the grid on an angle, and make the design you are going for.

There's also the Perspective plug-in that will drawing vanishing points for you. dpy also has the plug-in to create trapezoid and perspective distortion.

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