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Lift image off background

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Can someone please give me the link to this or tell me how to do it.

I have a picture of a toy, I want to lift the toy off the background and leave only white space around it.

Here's what I've accomplished so far:

  1. Created new layer
  2. Used the rounded rectangle to isolate the toy
  3. inverted the image
  4. used the magic wand to crop areas that had to go
  5. cropped as close to the toy as possible.

Now I have the image but it's on this ugly, bits and pieces left over square.

What I'd like to know is: will making the background transparent fix it?

I'm still playing with it and saw a tutorial on transparency, but each time I attempt to

do it - the entire image disappears.

Thanks for any suggestions and help with this. I still have my original safe. Using

Paintnet version 3.5.10


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After downloading this plugin, how do I use it? Does it just show up as a tool within the paint.Net program or what?

This is seems way over my head--I just want to remove the white backgrounds of images I have and saved to use in another program. But the instructions I've followed exactly do not do it when I insert into program. the white background is still there. I thought this "plugin" would help, but how do I use it in paint.Net?

Attached is an example of an image I want to remove white background from (all of it--even in the parts between the bear and horse. I got the checkered back ground and "cut" after each area and saved.

Attached image is the original before "transparent" process. BUT-- Perhaps it is the program I am trying to use it in that is not compatible? I hoped it would matter.

Thank you for your time.


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GingerG, did you read through this section: Plugins must be installed. They don't just appear in the menu after downloading. The system is quite simple once you become accustomed to doing it. I like it because it give me the control & not do everything for me.

In the image above I got very good results by selecting with the Magic Wand all of the white parts that I did not want while holding down the CTRL key & then pressing Delete key.

I then used the Feather plugin, and then the AA Assistant plugin. All at default. All of these are available from the plugin page.

So when you insert it into the new program you still have white? Ok - save the image that you have cut the white out of in Paint.NET as a .PNG

PNG preserves transparency. This means that if you save the image as a .JPG for example, it will show up as a white background even though you have removed it.

I hope this helps you as I can sense a great deal of frustration B)


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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post-86062-132090768843_thumb.jpg Likely doing something wrong. I'm going to attempt to attach the image I'm referring to.

It isn't the toy, but has the same problem - that white background. All I want is what's inside the circle.

I did download the plugin referenced elsewhere, but have not gotten that far.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm still learning to use Paintnet, so please forgive me if this sounds so simple.


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You won't need a plugin to make the white go away.

Select the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool:

Click on the white area.

Press Delete.

The white area will disappear, and be replaced with the grey/white checkerboard pattern (Paint.net's way of denoting transparent areas).

Now the oval part of the image is surrounded by transparent areas. In image terms we call this an object.

If you need to soften the edges of the oval, try the AA's Assistant plugin from this pack: dpy's Pack.

If you want to preserve the transparent areas, save as a PNG - not a JPG (as JPG's do not support transparency).

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