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Glowing Sphere/Orb


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Try to play around with the 'curves' adjustment ^^ (Especially with the luminosity)


Oh ok, thanks

I'm starting to get a few successes here. My only problem is too make it dark enough that a large portion of black still shows and bright enough that it isn't a pale color in the end.

This is my result.

Seems like purple/violet is a popular color hereorb6_zpscc418775.png

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My original intent with the darkness of it was to make it have darkness, as that was the point of the picture - a glowing sphere in the dark. You could also up the AA on a few steps, with a gaussian blur or feather. Shape 3D also has AA, turn it up to 5 after you've got it how you want it, before you render it. I'll make a video later, so that I'm sure I haven't skipped any steps.

The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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A great effort aqirock.  I like the way you have done the text :)


Welcome to the forum!

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I like how the white almost looks like a woman's face (purple being her lips, green being her hair).  Very nice.


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Nice tutorial, I liked how it put gravity to use as I haven't explored that plugin much yet.

Here is my result! :)


 800x600 version here :


@ Trax, do you still need help or did you figure things out?



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