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Minners71 and now for something completly different......pg6


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Some photo edits








A few new sigs





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My first 2 images ever made in PDN, not much to look at but we all started somewhere. They were created with the basic PDN and no plug ins.

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Sigs I have made for other people.

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Sigs I have made for myself.

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Tutorial pieces

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Shiny things.

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Website banners and logos

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I like that last one. Very effective

Nice job all round tho'

Thanks Welshblue , sorry for not responding to your mesage on my gallery, I honestly didnt see it and as its been on 8 replies since forever I haven't gone back through them.

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on the work from Barbqs jewel-- the one with the green jade center--that background looks like some material used quite a bit in the 80s .. how did you acheive that?

Who knows I cant remember this is my best guess though.

new canvas fill black

Make horizontal lines 10px from one side to the other you can use 1 colour or a mixture for that one I think I made 6 blue ones on the top 1/3 the middle had red ones and the bottom 1/3 had blue ones.


Then run dents on it with these settings scale 46 refraction 87 roughness 40, these are just guides though. You should end up with something like this.


Then use tile reflection and set tile size to 4 then repeat but this time tile size 120

Now go to conditional hue and saturation and mess about with it, if you put the saturation slider all the way to the left it makes it look more metallic also if you set hue action to fade either horizontal or vertical it blends it better. I haven't been able to replicate it perfectly myself but can get close.

This might work better put the lines on sep layers so the 6 blue ones on top layer under that the 6 red ones on another layer then the bottom layer the blue again. Run dents on each layer at settings above.

On the top layer use a linear gradient with transparency from top to bottom

On the middle layer use radial transparency from the middle of lines up or down.

Bottom layer use linear transparency from bottom to top then merge the 3 layers together

make a new layer and on this make some random filled circles white about 50px and run dents on them then merge them on to the coloured dents layer. Then run tile reflection as above then go to curves and mess about.

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I looked through your work again because I haven't seen all the pieces and I was pleasantly surprised. Your work is very polished, it's variated and so much fun to look through. And yes, your current sig is simple and nicely laid out. Keep up the great work!

Don't spit into the well, you might drink from it later. -----Yiddish Proverb

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Thanks for the praise Helen boltbait.smile.png You should know all about variety and polish as it is everywhere in your gallery. I particularly like your glossy thermometers and your cute spider thingy and everything else ;)

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Thanks AGJM but I think you jest I have been through your gallery you don't need help. :)Love your album covers are they for a real band or just mock ups?

Real band, but the band actually sucks. And we haven't met for practice in a few months. So more of a mock up, really.

The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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I watched the first series ... but seemed to have missed the second one :/

I'll have to look out for it on DVD

I've tried reading the books but couldn't get into them. Strange because it's usually the other way round :/

Its the other way round for me :) Not a big fan of reading not sure why, used to enjoy it as a kid but find it hard to keep interested now. Although the TV show A Game Of Thrones has made me think about picking up the books to read, so there may be help for me yet (shame they are so big!)

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