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Just checking in and letting you guys/girls know that I am still alive ( just ) been meaning to post some of the new stuff I have done (mainly sigs ) but have not got round to it yet are the problems still here that some members had when updating their galleries ?


Also into my second week with a broken hand and dislocated thumb (MTB accident ) so not able to do much of anything at the moment,this is the first time I have had of work in over 10 years and I am already bored :( NO gym  or biking for at least 8 weeks :( Glad to see how healthy the comps are getting with some amazing pieces being entered and a few new faces joining in the fun :)

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Sorry to read about your injury Minners, having been in a (fairly) similar situation myself I can sympathise with you. I had a serious motor bike accident in 2007 that resulted in a broken pelvis, damage to the base of my spine and a total of 6 months off work with painful physiotherapy included. I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing you in one of the comps in the not too distant future :)



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Thanks for your kind words and to Drewdale Ouch! I feel better after reading about your accident.


@WB it happened on the way home at 2.30am so after the initial pain I continued cycling home and was up all night till I walked to the hospital the following morning 11am about a 1hr walk.  Was expecting to be home a few hours later  but was kept in for surgery :(

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Simply stunning signature @Minners.  It is the hight of glossy, transparency and colour co-ordination.  You really do have some fabulous signatures under your belt.  Keep 'em coming therethere.gif     


BTW - do you have OXO in NZ?  And Marmite too?  (I personally like Vegimite better).


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