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Scanning and viewing colour negatives

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If you just want to find out what's in the negative, why scan it in at all?

You just need a loupe: http://www.peakoptics.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=103&zenid=2725880f27f86250f0daa373c6c84276

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What about Adjustments -> Invert Colors ?

A film negative is definitely not the same as an RGB negative.

Honestly though, can't you (sandsunsurf) tell what the picture is just by holding it up to a light?


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To scan this I set the light to max and the DPI to 400 as a color photo.

Then I've use:

1. autolevel adjustment.

2. invert colors.

3. autolevel adjustment again.


There is a lot of noise but the colors are mostly correct and we could recognize the dog (in the right)...

With more tests on the parameters I think we could have a better result... But it is really slow!

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