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Object Reflections Plugin - Wet Floor Effect


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I'm not sure about anyone else, but when I click the link to download the DLL, it sends me to a french site saying there is some kind of error? Just wanted you to know. I'm thinking it might have crashed or something else.... :shock:

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ok this plugin was working when i first installed it, LOVED it..

but seriously, it is pissin me off that i cant get it to work.

i followed proper procedure of the tut like i did before,

but after i select Reflection in the effects tab,

the little window pops up (adjustments to distance, max alpha, etc)

and i do the little square selection box underneath the text i wrote just

to play around with it, ve done about 20 attempts and restarted PdN

yet, no answer. (btw, i did add a new layer and yes, it is a transparent layer)

like i said, i followed the procedures of the tut like i did when i first installed it,

now it just aint working for me >:| im seriously getting impatient with this and really

really getting aggravated lol .. only becuase i know i can do it, just cant figure it out

please help lol


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