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  1. Simon Brown, I can't find a link to 'CannedBrush 1.5'; is there a place i can download it?
  2. MadJik, why does your 'Sparkles' plugin work good on some pictures, barily on some, not at all on others, and only on upper edges yet on others? I tried many pictures including those with bright and those with dark skies, but I still have the same problems. And how do you make shooting stars. Also, your download links to 'Add Noise + (yymmdd:070914)' and 'Sine Curves Plugin (ymd:080108)' are broken (they're not working).
  3. MadJik, the link to 'Sine Curves Plugin (ymd:080108)' is also broken.
  4. MadJik, your download link for "Add Noise + (yymmdd:070914)" is broken (it's not working).
  5. I redownloaded, deleted the first insallment, and installed the redownloaded one, but i still have the same problem.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion, Simon, but I kept getting an error dialogue box saying, "There was an error opening the file." I know the file is good, because IrfanView and PC Image Editor opens the file without any problem. Is there a way I can deal with this problem?
  7. Where do I go to use "file>>load to import"?
  8. thanks, Ego Eram Reputo.
  9. Where do you install this raw filereader plugin for Paint.NET, and how do you use it. I placed it in Paint.NET\Effects, Paint.NET\FileTypes, and even My Documents\Paint.NET User Files. None of those directories worked. Thanks for your time.
  10. simon brown wrote I deleted the created folder as you said, but I don't know where to go to find all the options you've given me (i.e. "clicking the down-arrow next to the palette icon in the colours window and selecting "open palettes folder," which should create the Paint.NET User Files folder for you"). I may be ignorant when it comes to this, so can you take me step by step? thanks. dogma999
  11. simon brown I tried your instructions, but I don't see the apng option. what's the exact directory in Paint.NET folder do I put it in, and what exactly do I do to get it seen and working--example: I didn't have a "Paint.NET user files" folder, so I created one, then I copied the japng.jar (it's not called apng.jar) into "Paint.NET user files" folder, and I tried other directories as well, but nothing worked. Please get back at me. Thank you for your time. Dogma999
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