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KeyLogic's Awesome Art Gallery of Awesomeness! (Feb-1-2012)


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Here are all of my artworks that I've created using Paint.NET – Click on the images to go straight to their source.

All of my drawings were done using only a computer mouse & keyboard – Comments are much appreciated! ^_^

Visit me on:


----------------------------------------------- New -----------------------------------------------


-------------------------------------------- Featured --------------------------------------------

682cb9ef5e34a9f8ba955e40b600c1ed-d3d92d8.png                           inside_a_panda__s_dream_by_cyberlogic-d46u41s.jpg

----------------------------------- The Rest of My Gallery -----------------------------------

dasintegrate_t_shirt_by_cyberlogic-d4cvb3a.jpg   the_puppeteer_silhouette_by_cyberlogic-d33wtiv.jpg   littlebigbattle_on_high_seas_by_cyberlogic-d39v489.jpg

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How'd you do the text? And the bottle cap ramp-thingy looks awesome.

Sorry about the late reply. :(

The "bottle cap ramp-thingy" is not mine but was supplied in a template made by the company that hosted the contest, which, unfortunately, I did not win. :(


The text was made by simply selecting a font that I liked and then using the Sine Wave [distortion] effect.

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Wow! Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you guys like my artworks. :D

I love the way you did the ships!

Thanks. Although, it was kind of a pain. My computer crashed at least twenty times while I was creating them. That's what I get for adding 70+ layers while using a decade-old processor and video card. :roll:

I plan to get an upgrade for my computer this year, then maybe I can start creating high quality prints for future artwork. That would be great. :)

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Update: I've finally completed a new artwork! And in other news: for absolutely no reason, I updated the first page of this thread.

For now on, any new artwork will be the first one of this thread. Anyway, go check it out! :D Or if you really don't care to, here's a direct link to my newest artwork: Inside a Panda's Dream

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Although not exactly a completely new artwork, I revised my most recent artwork to include a few more things such as: deeper colors, more objects to fill it out, and a poem that I had written that was previously only available in a comment separate from the artwork. Here's the new and improved...

Inside a Panda's Dream


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KeyLogic has uploaded a new artwork design! :D


dAsintegrate T-Shirt

If you like this design and you have a deviantART account, please click on the image and vote "I'd Wear This".

If it receives enough votes then deviantART will start selling it as a real T-shirt!

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