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  1. I've finally created a brand new artwork/design! I've also updated the first post so that it looks nice and spiffy. Check both of those things out HERE!
  2. Hi. I might as well make a visual tutorial for the particular method that I use to cutout objects from complex backgrounds but that will have to wait until later. For now here are the detailed instructions: Open the file that contains the image(s) that you want to cutout Create a new layer, select the Line / Curve tool (the color can be whatever you like), make the brush width at least 4 and start drawing on the inside edges of the object that you want to cut out. Once the object has been drawn, make sure there are no open ends or gaps and then select the Paint Bucket tool and fill in the object using a tolerance level of 70%. The result should look like a silhouette of the object. Now select Effects -> Object -> Apply Texture and open the original file again and reduce the Save Brightness all the way. Now disable or delete the bottom layer and you've got yourself a nice, clean cutout of the object. ^_^
  3. Is this plugin no longer being maintained? I was wondering if a feature could be added that would allow me to import an image from the clipboard and not just from a file.
  4. Thanks! It depends on how complicated the object is and how accurate you want the shape to be to the original object. For me to draw an outline around the image of the dress it took somewhere between 5-10 minutes.
  5. My method for cutting an image out from a complicated background is to create a new layer and draw an outline on the inside edges of the object using the Line/Curve tool. Once that is complete I then fill the inside of that outline in using the Paint Bucket and then I use the Apply Texture Effect to redraw the original object over the new shape. The result is something like this: This is a PNG image with a transparent background. This JPEG image with a black background is to show how you can get a clean cutout of the object without seeing those annoying white outlines or blurred edges caused by using the Magic Wand Tool and Feather Effect. I didn't bother to draw in the bottom piece but you get the idea. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi Boot2TheHead. I know exactly what you're talking about. Awhile back I had suggested some sort of internal snapshot function that would take a picture of the canvas (and none any of the surrounding windows/toolbars) and then allow you to save it in whatever format you want. This would entirely skip the need to flatten and then separate the layers, which is a long enough process as it is especially with large images and several layers, and would retain the same quality as when you save it using the current method. I know that VLC media player (which is open source) has a built-in snap shot function. Perhaps some of the code could be used from there?
  7. Apply Texture for me. Dents has also been useful for some of the projects that I'm now doing.
  8. KeyLogic has uploaded a new artwork design! dAsintegrate T-Shirt If you like this design and you have a deviantART account, please click on the image and vote "I'd Wear This". If it receives enough votes then deviantART will start selling it as a real T-shirt!
  9. Although not exactly a completely new artwork, I revised my most recent artwork to include a few more things such as: deeper colors, more objects to fill it out, and a poem that I had written that was previously only available in a comment separate from the artwork. Here's the new and improved... Inside a Panda's Dream
  10. I have the same issue with the Ariel font not being installed. Where's a safe place where I can download it? Never mind. I fixed this problem. Found the good ol XP install disc.
  11. Hi. Is there an alternate download link that I can use? box.net is telling me that I'm not allowed to download direct links.
  12. Hi. The problem started after I few recent PDN updates and I was using my old video card at the time. I have a new video card with completely different drivers and I've even swapped out the RAM, The problem still exists. I have 1GB of RAM but I was monitoring the RAM usage while I was working on the image and less then half of that was being used. Even with the page file turned on PDN still crashes.
  13. I've been using Paint.NET for while now but I've noticed that since the recent upgrades that it crashes very often when using several layers or even randomly just by clicking on an action. I've tried reinstalling PDN and .NET Framework but nothing helps. Several times it would crash to the desktop without even generating a crash report. Other time I'd get the blue screen. I have enough RAM installed and PND uses nowhere close to the RAM ceiling. There are no overclocks on any of my hardware either. I've tried removing all of the effects but it made no difference. After the crashes started, I replaced both my RAM and my graphics card. Also made no difference. I'm using PDN version 3.5.8. There are no other issues in any of my other applications. I'd really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  14. Hey! Thanks, HELEN! I wanted to go with a vintage style so that it would look like an old drawing that has aged gracefully over time. Anyway, glad you liked it.
  15. Update: I've finally completed a new artwork! And in other news: for absolutely no reason, I updated the first page of this thread. For now on, any new artwork will be the first one of this thread. Anyway, go check it out! Or if you really don't care to, here's a direct link to my newest artwork: Inside a Panda's Dream
  16. Shrink/Expand effect Not to be confused with resizing, this effect would allow you to make an object thin or fat via a slider and/or by typing in the exact number of pixels that you want to be effected. Respect Object Boundaries and Transparency This would allow you to draw shapes or paste images over an existing object without "coloring outside of the lines" of that object. Acquire Texture from Clipboard/Snapshot If I create a texture from within the project that I'm working on, it's a huge inconvenience to first have flatten all of the layers, save it and then load the texture over the object. This would allow you to copy the finished texture to the clipboard and then apply it as a texture. Cookie Cutter This would allow you to use any shape as a cutout for other objects.
  17. Someone named Eulogy-Dignity posted a Paint.NET: Interactive Guide on deviantART.com, and today it received a Daily Deviation! There are currently 5000+ views just from today alone with more sure to pour in. The guide also contains links back to the Official Paint.NET Forums, the Paint.NET Website and the Paint.NET Help File.
  18. Aha! Thanks! Yeah, I'd say forget the artwork, the organization is the true beauty here.
  19. Added the most recent update and highlighted the newest artwork.
  20. So I posted my third artwork. This one was tough. ----------------------------- Stuffed Toy Kitty Clock ----------------------------- Full comment in the first post.
  21. Hi Goonfella. Thanks for the reply. Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. What I was requesting is the option to resize the entire texture, by height or width, to fit a selected area. The current behavior is to apply the original texture size to the selected area. As for the blending mode, it could be used to apply a different texture on the same layer without overwriting the existing texture. For now, the only other way to do this is to double the layer with the shape you want to apply the texture over and apply the new texture to the above layer and then change the layer's blend mode.
  22. I have PDN setup so that the main window is positioned in the center of the screen while the Tools and Layers are positioned on the left and right. When I open PDN directly, everything is exactly the way I had placed it, but, when I open a PND-associated file, it offsets the main window considerably to the left and I'm forced to move it back every time. Just thought I'd point this out.
  23. Thanks for the reply. I saw the section on Clipboard but I simply do not understand how to implement it. I also wonder if it's possible to change the Blend Mode for the texture or have it fill in only a selected area as opposed to the entire canvas.
  24. Ah, so it does exist. That's good to know. Thanks Sarkut. Well perhaps there's still some use for the links that I had posted above, at least, that is, if you plan on creating icons with multiple sizes stored in them.
  25. Wow! Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you guys like my artworks. Thanks. Although, it was kind of a pain. My computer crashed at least twenty times while I was creating them. That's what I get for adding 70+ layers while using a decade-old processor and video card. I plan to get an upgrade for my computer this year, then maybe I can start creating high quality prints for future artwork. That would be great.
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