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resizing images without distorting them

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Hello all

I've searched the forums and haven't found a thread to answer this unless I've missed it. But what I need is to be able to resize normal sized images taken from a standard camera down to 504x104 pixels. All I've managed so far is to distort the images is there a way I can avoid this?


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Well the use of the word "distort" wasn't really defined.

"Maintain aspect ratio" will ensure that the size of the image is correct -- it won't be stretched unfairly in width or height.

Using "Best Quality" will ensure that super sampling is used. (Instead of bilinear, bicubic, or nearest neighbor.)

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As a first step, crop your oversize image to the correct aspect ratio.

In the Tools window, click on the Rectangle Select tool.

In the toolbar, change Normal to Fixed Ratio, and set

Width to 504 and Height to 104.

Make and position a rectangular selection, then crop to selection.

Image > Crop to Selection

Next, resize down to 504x104 with Maintain Aspect Ratio checked.

If you make a new image from scratch, starting with a canvas that

has the correct aspect ratio will simplify things when resizing.

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This thread is almost three years old.  It's ancient.



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It's also bad advice. Don't follow it. There's never a reason to cross edit a Paint.NET file in MS Paint, and it'll add unnecessary distortions to the image.


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