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  1. Gosh darnit, in the rules you used Pdn, Photoshop, and GIMP as examples so I thought we were making a logo for an already existing graphics software. Here's is what my entry was going to be :L
  2. To be honest there is no contest for me. Mayor. Stone's is just too sharp and the colors are dull. There really isn't any flow to speak of, and the text is slightly difficult to read. Mayor's is sleek and the colors are vibrant. Mayor: 2 Stone: 2
  3. Heeeeey, you joined on my birthday! That's a nice sig you have at the moment, btw.

  4. I'll enter this... The text took FOREVER to get right. >_>
  5. In Paint.NET, there will always be a "blur" over the image when you resize, I'm sorry to say it can't be avoided.
  6. 1 vote confidence boost FTW!
  7. Lol. XD I finally developed a good way of making render sigs.
  8. I said bad arse, not his best. Also, it looks like no one is gonna vote for me. D: Mayor, just a heads up, you probably won't do very good. Posting a sig you already used in a battle like this? Not a good idea. But of course, you may beat me! Who knows.
  9. It's because Chrisco's sig is bad arse.
  10. I wonder if I could get an award for most sig battles wins. :B *ponders that just saying that guarantees he won't*
  11. Diplomacy FTW. :3 Hopefully this will let other people get some votes too, so there actual competition. Just want csm to know that I love his entry and would vote for his. Original and creative... that is what I look for most of the time.
  12. Am I the only one that thinks the number of votes required for a win should be increased for such an occasion? After all, it is twice the number of normally allowed entries. We should totally have a tournament. >
  13. Why you would need this sort of file is beyond me, and I cannot find any online converter compatible with the CPO file format. Sorry.
  14. Can someone PM comments and criticism to me about the render sig I entered? I want to improve my render sigs.
  15. My new entry for the win! I worked really hard, and used Chrisco's render sigs as inspiration.
  16. I think I'll take you up on that offer...
  17. I enter with this (lol): MY ENTRY HAS CHANGED, SEE BELOW FOR THE NEW ONE. I ask that Drgrit be allowed to enter.
  18. Lolz. I am sure anyone could beat me, but it just turns out no one has. Must be luck. EDIT: Oh gawd, I'm gonna get owned. If I would have known I would be going up against Chrisco I wouldn't have posted that lulsig.
  19. No, he obviously means "hologram"/"holograph". Stereogram isn't even close to them, and most don't know what those are.
  20. Dude, you are one of the most highly respected people on these forums. You are at least mighty, if not almighty.
  21. Uncle Sam > Bon Jovi I honestly didn't think I would win... but a unanimous victory against the almighty csm?! EPIC WIN. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I feel so confident right now! I could take on anyone! Anyway, I wanted to give Drgrit his rematch, but Mayor ninja posted me.
  22. I suppose it is possible, though I have no idea how you would start. Try Shape 3D or Seismograph? I am honestly at a loss.
  23. Pretty tough... I'd say Mayor's is better, however. Drgrit, you name is too blurry and aliased in your graphic, but the rest is very creative and original. Mayor, while I hate that style it is definitely more eye appealing, even though it isn't very creative (C4Ds and smudging). Also, I am curious why you deleted the inside of the one lens and then left it aliased. Despite all that, I like yours better, Mayor. Drgrit, your day will come. Mayor: 1 Drgrit: 0
  24. Sorry, forgot about the size limitation.
  25. I lol'd. This thread is an epic vent zone. XD