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Cool Aura for newbies


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Plugins required:Random Shape fill (found here) and Colour Zoom Blur (found here)

Today we will be making something like this!


1.Make a new pic any size will do.


2.Use Random Shape Fill use any settings you want!(including quality)

I used these settings :arrow-downright:


3.Use Colour Zoom Blur and make sure Red, green and blue are maxed (265) but you can experiment

Change the offset anyway you please :mrgreen:

These are my settings :arrow-downright:


4.Repeat Colour Zoom Blur (Ctrl+F)(you might have to do this more then once just try and make it look light like mine)

Here are a few of my variations(you can and backrounds for effect before you use random shape fill)

I duplicated my layer, on the top layer I first used Sepia then I used curves. My blending mode was glow!





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Very nice boltbait.big_smile.png

Do you know of any variations of this we can try ? I like it.

Also, a link to the plug-ins would've been nice boltbait.tongue.png

Anyway, here's my attempt

Ill add the links right now boltbait.cool.png and if you want to know how i did any of my varations just pm me

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@strass: When quoting you might want to remove the image and leave the text boltbait.wink.png It makes it so much easier to read.

I also edited your original post to point your second link to the correct thread.

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