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  1. Wow, thank you! I didn't expect such a good comment! (:
  2. I wanted to do this for a long time, because i really love the outcome. But i underestimated myself. So i didn't do it. Till today. I thought "I'm going to take the challenge", and i pretty much like it! (Jens is my real name)
  3. EDIT: Lol nvm, very nice work over there. It wouldve been even more cooler with a little bit of yellow/orange.
  4. Wow, those 2 stripes are pretty close to each other. And @Skullsplitter. At that second outcome, which texture is that. Or where do you get those from? /favorite EDIT: Could you also make a Mike Ryan avatar tutorial? You know that purple/pink thingy with 'mr' in it. EDIT2: My outcome; EDIT3: 2nd Outcome:
  5. The Wormhole, Heavens Gateway and "Flow" are so damn cool!
  6. I espacially like the little white stripe under the word "Space". That totally finishes it. (:
  7. Do you mean you want to have a symmetric skin? If yes, select the symmetry axis to the part which is good (the part which you want to have 2 times). Ctrl + C. Make a new layer, and Ctrl + V. Then "Flip Horizontal" (can be found at the help-bar at Layers). If i was misunderstood please tell me. By the way, is the game you make the skins for Trackmania (United)?
  8. You cannot create the slideshow. Although you can create the pictures for it in
  9. I used it for my avatar.I truly love this effect! So simple, but so nice outcome! Really nice work mate! My outcome; <snip>
  10. 5/10 Sorry man, but thats really not looking good. Rate ^
  11. I changed some things myself...
  12. If i am honest, i dont like the effect.