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  1. a Edit:Sorry my freind did this.
  2. Try adding some transparency to the smily face!
  3. Is it possible to rotate without antialiasing?
  4. But you find stared balls and you summon a massive dragon that grants your wish anyway. I wish that there was a way to convert VCRs to DVDs with my mind.
  5. Great outcome, better then many of my tries
  6. i think there should be a rubber that works like recolour but the colour you want to rub out should be primary. Secondary should do nothing or it could have a feature that you can rub out both primary and secondary. Who agree's with mr.robot and me + __|__ { ^. ^ } | | |*****| Ɔ=== ===C | | | | ##### {|} {|} AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this forum killed him {|} {|} {|} {|} O O P.S what font does the editor use and i made mr.robot plz ask premission before use
  7. Hello, as a newbie I am lost, but hope to find my way. Currently very interested in learning to posterie images. Does anyone have any "get started" pointed.

  8. Ill add the links right now and if you want to know how i did any of my varations just pm me
  9. Plugins required:Random Shape fill (found here) and Colour Zoom Blur (found here) Today we will be making something like this! 1.Make a new pic any size will do. 2.Use Random Shape Fill use any settings you want!(including quality) I used these settings 3.Use Colour Zoom Blur and make sure Red, green and blue are maxed (265) but you can experiment Change the offset anyway you please These are my settings 4.Repeat Colour Zoom Blur (Ctrl+F)(you might have to do this more then once just try and make it look light like mine) Here are a few of my variations(you can and backround
  10. Theres no 3-d animating plugins but theres a plugin called "Shape 3-d"
  11. i think u can make 3-d effect without going through this now cause of this plugin
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