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Have I kind of solved saturn?

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:arrow-right: I didnt know where to put this so i put it here...

Is there a possibility that i managed to make a saturn like planet?

The planet isnt to good but the i say the ring is quite good.


what do you think?

feel free if you want a tutorial on how to do it :P

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wow, freakin awesome rings. I have never used that technique for making the rings, and

i havent even thought about doing it. thank you for this...

and the planet, doesnt look like saturn at all to be honest, and the outer edges of the planet

need to be smoothed out. but the texture of the planet is pretty neat, although it doesnt look like saturns..

but you should write me a tutorial for making that planet texture, it would be great, i could use it

in so many projects. :)

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@ninja: please feel free to create a gallery in the Pictorium to show off you work.

(This is probably not the right section to be posting your artwork in....,)

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Depending on where you got your reference picture for Saturn, that doesn't really remotely look like Saturn. Don't let my critique discourage you because from looking at your picture, you obviously have a good grasp on the program. Keep at it, my friend.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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