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  1. Nice simple technique But why is there green?
  2. ninja

    exploding planet

    [final thing in debate] okies..... but im sure a lot of people agree
  3. ninja

    exploding planet

    So the if a website didnt get your permission and if someone gave a link to that website you will take the link away. I think that theres nothing wrong with that it makes it easier for every1 to download plugins. I'd say you should just copy their idea of plugin packs.
  4. ninja

    exploding planet

    Boo..., why did you do that pyrochild?? i mean why is that illegal? is there a rule that says that you are not allowed to post links for plugins that you can download on any webs accept from paint.net website? im gonna check the rules
  5. ninja

    exploding planet

    nice! it's good to see what people have done with my tutorial i see that you black and whited it (not entirely sure)
  6. ninja

    exploding planet

    sorry that i replied so late, but to make up for that... here is a link for 2 plugin megapacks i can guarentee that you wont have to download any more plugins (well be mabey just a few). thnx for advice as well (link) <snip>
  7. ninja

    exploding planet

    okies, sounds like a good idea atm im focusing on making space pics (i dont know why)
  8. ninja

    exploding planet

    thanks! now that you told how i could of made it better i have done an another planet exploding but i put some rocks in the center area and now looks much more better.
  9. ninja

    exploding planet

    i dont mind, but could you give a contructive critisism - this could of been this colour, this could of been lighter also im quite new to paint.net so you cant expect some amazing stuff from me.
  10. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it exploding planet I know there are like 2 others tutorials about how to do a exploding planet but i thought this one was quite different and is made in a very different way. This is my first tutorial Plugins needed: Fire!, noise, zoom blur and hue/saturation 1. Fill canvas with black 2. Add noise – settings: 100, 20 , 0.40 3. New layer 4. Shift + ellipse tool, make a circle as big as a tennis ball. 5. Use the paint brush (colour – green) make islands (the islands are f
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