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  1. Im very inspired by your textures mainly your wood textures possibly a tut?, anyway good work With your space picture it looked like it had a few stocks in it - is this true? or it might be me getting fooled by your realistic pieces.
  2. I've been making a Starfield 'Project S' and yesterday I manage to finish it. I got my inspiration from this pic: Quite cool isnt it? I came up with this in the end So I was quite pleased with the results I had - but I thought there was something missing but didnt know what was. This picture (if it gets improved) will be the spotlighted in my grand gallery opening. So I need help please. Any Ideas? Btw moderators please tell me if the img is to big if so I will change size.
  3. That guy sounds like a total downie, may he shrivel in hell until his own nastiness eats him up. Anyone wants tea?
  4. Lol ******* I think this provides a much different and profound effect then any other fire tut, I wouldnt think it's the most realistic but it's definately good. The thing I would like to see in another new fire tut would be it in a different 'way or shape' because I keep on seeing it in a horizontal way if you see what I mean. Nice work
  5. Thanks! Since it's a plugin it helps me even more. I would like to help to contribute with making the 'best nebulae' so from now on Im gonna be doing some experimenting.
  6. where could I learn c# boltbait? + when do you use the { or why do you use them?
  7. Lol, this is heavily confusing need a cup of tea now Where did you learn to do this stuff?.
  8. Nice simple technique But why is there green?
  9. On your recent nebulae attempts, how did you make those stars? They're perfect for my starfield! Keep on going with the nebulae though.
  10. Thanks cooltew @himself22 Lol, lmgtfy
  11. I have been reading quite a few of tutorials on and on other places and sometimes use the word 'anti aliasing' What does it mean+What does it do? Thanks Ninja.
  12. I saw you had a earth like planet in you space section, i just have to ask you because of the fantastic texture - could you possibly pm me or make a tutorial on how to make it. Btw keep on going, your my no.1
  13. you have got some really good pictures there, you are also very talented in doing the abstracts,patterns,effects,and mirror stuff. <--- not sure if im entirely right with 1 or 2 of these words
  14. Skitza requested a tutorial on how to make a gas giant i made so here it is Im assuming you know 1 or 2 basics of making space pics First create a starbackground New layer, fill in the canvas and run shape3d at your own settings Now create another layer and run clouds (normal settings) run shape 3d at the same settings as when you first used it, now set the layer to overlay; their will be a shiny spot on the planet so get rid of that by painting variations of orange over it and gaussian blur it on a new layer New layer Clouds at the same setting but put up the scale so there is 1 cloud and a bit sticking in set the layer to overlay. And ta-da your very own gas giant Please tell me if you want me to add a little bit on how to make a ring (different from any other one on this website)
  15. But i might be the first to make a tut on how to make rings if someone wants me to