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HOW TO INSTALL PLUGINS/General Plugin Troubleshooting Thread


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OKay this is what happened, I went through and did what you said andI still coudl not see my plugins. I went and did a search for PDN and I deleted all the files that belong to that name and I reinstalled it. THis time I worked liek a charm, and I did follow your directions just tobe sure they wroked. Thanks so much.

Ilove htis prgram and I will goign crazy tryign to figure it out. thaks again.

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The folks who said they had to uninstall Paint.NET and re-install made me think of something, too. Not sure if the way they re-installed was to download the latest version of Paint.NET perhaps? Worth mentioning is that if you've been using Paint.NET a long time, your current version might not even support plugins or the particular plugin that you are trying to use. Curious what their previous Paint.NET version was if they were able to resolve their problem by the process of uninstall, download again, install again. Or summed up more directly, are there any documented cases of folks unable to install to the current version of Paint.NET, or is it all people who just have old versions. Not knocking anyone with old versions, I often am a full integer-numbered release behind and just jumped from 2.61 to 3.5.4.

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Hey. Soooooo, I attempted to install pyrochild's plugin pack, and it does not seem to be working. I extracted the files from the zip folder, and placed them within the effects folder, and yet none of them seem to be in paint.net. I do not see that PDN loads the plugin when I run the application, and Ive checked every option in the drop-downs and such. I downloaded the latest version of both, PDN and the plugins.. And im not really computer illiterate so this is frustrating me cause i want to get to editing stuff already >_< Any help would be much appreciated.

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I don't see anything obviously wrong.

You may have gotten a corrupt download.

Give this a try.

Delete all the files in the Effects folder.

Clear your browser's cache.


Download from the Download from box.net link at the top of the first post of this thread:

Download to the default location - Desktop or Downloads folder typically.

Don't extract the zip.

Open it by left-clicking, then copy/paste the .dll files into the Effects folder.

Best to do all this with the Paint.NET program closed.

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In the past(it's been a while so I can't give you a concrete date) my effects worked. For some reason, all of a sudden they stopped working. I doubt it's because of a Paint.net update, because I dount Paint.net would break 171 effects. I doubt it's because of corrupt files because I downloaded some of them again(too lazy to dlownload all of them again). I even reinstalled Paint.NET.


Core System

Brand: Self Built

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Case: Cooler Master Stacker 830(black)

Motherboard: ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 1366 ATX Motherboard

CPU: Intel Core I7 920 2.66 GHz

CPU Cooling: Corsair H50(water cooler)

RAM: SUPER TALENT Chrome Series 6GB DDR3 1600

Video: MSI NVidia 512mb 9600GT GDDR3

Sound: Onboard Audio

Hard drives: 10000 RPM 300 GB VelociRacptor

Optical Drives: 24X DVD(+/-)R/RW RAM and (+/-)R DL LightScribe drive

Power Supply Unit: BFG Tech EX 1000W

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Hi, I'm the slow girl from the "Help a slow girl out" thread.

I followed these instructions;

Plugin Instructions

Click on the link above, then:

Click on Show beside Hidden Content

Look for the Simon Brown plugins instructions.

To access your Effects folder, right-click the Paint.NET shortcut icon,

then click on Open file location.

Once the files are in the Effects folder, re-open Paint.NET.

Look in the top menu:

Effects > Tools > CustomBrushesMini >>>>>>>

and I think I got the files where they're supposed to be but when I open paint.net the brushes don't appear under effects(I assume that's where they should be),and I get this message under utilities;

1 of 1


File: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Effects\CustomBrushes.dll

Effect Name: CustomBrushes.EffectPlugin

Full error message: This plugin is known to cause stability problems.

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Are you using the current version of Paint.NET?

Did you download the plugin pack through this page's link?

That looks like an outdated plugin file version.

It should be CustomBrushesMini.dll not CustomBrushes.dll

Did you install SBCommon.dll?

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Are you kidding me?I have extracted files to my desktop and cannot get the plugin files into paint.net So now what??I followed your instructions,now I have Filetypes,README,Effects and Copyright(extracted)on my desktop with nowhere to go.PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS WHERE IT NEEDS TO BE!I don't have windowsxp or win whatever that is on your instructions.I have Windows 7 64bit.Why doesn't Paint.net come with brushes and plugins already?Every plugin I've downloaded is easy to do.This is just complicated.

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