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Cute Monsters<3


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My first tut :wink: Be nice?


Fur over the eyes?


Plugins needed:

- Smudge

Want to make a cute monster like this?






Then this is the tutorial:

1. Choose a color.

2. Pick the PaintbrushTool ( :PaintBrushTool: ) and increas the width to something around 85 px. Remember that it has to be AntiAliasing Disabled ( :AntiAliasingOff: )


3. Draw a form on the paper. I will call this shape for a bean.


4. Select the beanshaped thing with the MagicWand ( :MagicWandTool: )


5. Then go to Effects > Noise > Add noise ( :AddNoise: )


Intensity: 86

Color Saturation: 0

Coverage: 100

6. Now, go to Layers > Rotate / Zoom :RotateZoom:'


Do as the picture says; Zoom: 2.61x - Pan: Drag it so it shows the whole picture...

7. Deselect the bean and go to Effects > Distort > Smudge.


Brush: Paintbrush

Brush width: 45

Strenght: Something around 7%

8. (Fun part..) Now start dragging some fur to your monster.


9. When you are done it should look something like this:


8. Now you have to draw eyes. Make a new layer ( :AddNewLayer: ).

9. Choose the color white. Then choose the paintbrushtool ( :PaintBrushTool: ), Set the width to 50px and :AntiAliasingOn:


10. Then draw two circles beside eachother.


11. Make smaller circles inside the white balls and you are finished!



Some other results:


(Used bevel selection on the eyes on these three to make a more 3D-look)


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English only, please. But good job with the tut; not too shabby!


The Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster, or a warrior... A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.
Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards in fairy tales; they always turn out to be him.

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English only, please. But good job with the tut; not too shabby!

Oh, sorry. Will remember it next time. Thanks anyway ^^

Amazing! At first I thought this tut would just be adding eyes to them, but then I realized that its the whole thing! It really helps with the basics of smudging, thank you!

P.S. Although try to work on the eyes, not that i don't like them.

I did the eyes very easy on the tut. Maybe I'll make them better some other time.

I REALLY like the outcome.

Good to hear :)

Wow! awesome tutorial.

How did you make the eyes get partly covered by the fur? I've tried many times but it looked really weird.

Not to make the tut to long I dropped that because i didn't think it was to important... Will update the main post soon.

Can you add a link for the required plug-in please?

Of course ;)LINK

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Try cutting the eye holes before step seven, like sarkut said, then place the eyes on a layer below that.

That's what I did... :roll:

Here's my new results!


And tried to add "real" eyes.



Using Paint.net for 5 months.

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