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  1. I knew that you would make a tutorial soon... It's much more complex than I thought though. I just chose a random letter... It's a bit blurry.
  2. Pretty cool sig, but the avatar looks kinda blurred. btw, how do you make thumbnails of images using tags? doesn't work?
  3. Wow, simply amazing! All your 3D art is amazing.
  4. viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32647 My pixel art elf: And my pixel art waffle: (i know I like waffles better)
  5. I believe he's referring to programming as in creating apps, as the SDK for the iPhone/iPod touch is only available for Macs. Yup, it was a good movie. i watched it in 3D too.
  6. One of Boltbait's oldest posts... viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1764 and some of his quotes... lol "How can I flip only the selected layer?" "Feel free to copy my sig exactly. ;)" "Then, I drew the clothes and colored it in MS Paint." (MS paint?!) "I just used MS Paint and did a bunch of copy-paste and stretching." (MS paint again) "Tollerance is set to 50% when Paint.net is run." (misspelled tolerance) more coming soon
  7. Nice tut! I'll post my results here later...
  8. Save it as a PNG file. JPEG ruins it.
  9. For those who have slow internet connection (or dial-up)? I don't know either... My computer (2007) laptop speeed:
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