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  1. Oh, I see. That explains the waiting time. Anyway, I stand by my point. A switch would make editing in codelab swifter. Wouldn't this be fairly easy to implement? Wouldn't checking a flag variable (controlled by a something similar to the switch for large characters) be able to work? (I might be wrong though. I haven't checked the source, so it could very well be a complex task.)
  2. I know this has been up before, and that a (imo bad) solution exists, but could you consider adding in an option to not auto-compile the code as you write it? Frankly, it gets irritating when ones code writing process goes like this: writes a few characters *codelab freezes when compiling* writes a few more characters *codelab freezes when compiling again* Otherwise, codelab is a gem. It really shines when doing casual prototypes of ideas.
  3. Marie-Mai - Emmène-Moi (meaning roughly: Take Me) She's a Canadian singer, and sings most of her songs in french. I first heard this song at the Vancouver 2010 closing ceremony and since then, I can't get it out of my head!
  4. someone93


    Ah, missed that part of your post. Sorry!
  5. someone93


    I think I know what you're doing wrong. The water plugin has to be used on the background layer, not the one you just created. Am I right?
  6. They work excellent for me at least, they take some time to load though.
  7. Another wonderful tutorial by the legendary Oma! :wink: I'd always want to do a sword, but never got to it really... But now it's done, thanks to you! Here's my sword: I didn't like the handle though, so I made my own version! A nice leatherwrapped one of course!
  8. Reminds me of inpaint, and that program is really helpful sometimes.
  9. @welshblue: just wanted to give an example of what you're able to do. :wink:
  10. For an example, look at my image (some posts up). It's just a question about shape and color :wink:
  11. These are close to the ones I used: Bulge: 100 0,13 -0.85 Bulge: 68 -0,12 0,76 Power stretch: 53 23 -18 0 0,44 0,32 0 Power stretch: 79 41 16 0 -0,62 0,21 0
  12. Someone want an apple? (click for full size) Edited with background: edit: The bulge and power stretch values is two posts below this is you want to do an apple.
  13. Is that edited? Really? jk :wink:
  14. It's not needed, but it saves you a lot of work, try download it again (the download works fine for me).
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