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  1. Not sure if this is a good answer, but... Get a 360 for two reasons; CoD Halo They win
  2. No but they might ban you n_n [Can't do my Ctrl+V for reasons (Not something inappropriate I promise)]
  3. Oh gawd, they're both horrid... Twilight. Black or Blue? :3
  4. Beta

    my works:D

    I think your work is good, but then again I'm sort of new to the forums so I don't know if I should be judging artwork around here yet.
  5. Would anyone like to tell me what vector art is?
  6. It looks nice, can I take a guess on how you did it?
  7. Beta

    Sharp 7.25.11

    Will you be doing a TuT for this?;
  8. Do you need Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition [ENU] for Paint.NET? I installed it around when PdN 3.5 wouldn't install. I don't think installing it helped get PdN and I want to know so I can uninstall it.
  9. When I go to.. C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/ It shows some blue files.. See here...
  10. How did you get that bar at the top of the desktop is that of the BG or what?
  11. Okay, I have edited the first post to include more details. I have tried just about everything to fix my problem. Does this mean I need to edit Fusion!EnableLog or create Fusion!EnableLog? I tried editing it but I only found EnableLog, and I found Fusion. But I never found Fusion!EnableLog.