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  1. Cute Monsters<3

    Nice, Fidayen and Michael
  2. Grid Game 2

    ^^ *gasp* It's the spooooky Cavemonster!
  3. Grid Game 2

    O_o Thats a good question - I have NO idea..
  4. Grid Game 2

    OMG! It's the doomwatchers!
  5. Grid Game 2

    Thank you ^^,
  6. Grid Game 2

    Left for the center picture
  7. Cute Monsters<3

    Very nice, all are great and the red one above too and great tutorial ty EDIT- How do i unselect the object while still using the MagicWand? it wont let me. And what is Bevel selection which is used to get 3D eyes? Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but since it is relevant to this tut i asked it here:) Bevel Selection: One way to unselect is Ctrl+A > Ctrl+I, But you can also switch tool when unselecting?
  8. The Beachparty

    Brilliant. Added
  9. The Beachparty

    Haha ^^ You are forgiven
  10. The Beachparty

    Thanks, Bananskallet! Will add them to the beach right away!
  11. The Beachparty

    Okey EDIT: Updated the picture
  12. The Beachparty

    Yes - I see, I'll try to change it
  13. The Beachparty

    You can enter as many pieces you like We want it to be a big party right? Winterland should come - I don't know if someone else should start working on that, kinda busy nowadays.. x) And what errors are you talking about?