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Use Mouse to Resize Canvas?

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I use the feature in Paint to expand the canvas to give me a scratch area to enter text etc. before copying/moving it to the proper position.

Increasing the canvas size using Ctrl-Shift-R is OK, but reducing it back again means remembering the original dimensions rather than being able to do it visually - its all about 'shaving 400 ms!' :D

Selecting and using Ctrl-X does nothing to the size of the canvas.

Another Paint feature that I've come to rely on is, when moving an area, the background (secondary) colour replacing what I've moved, rather than the area being made transparent. Is this possible in Paint.Net?

BTW, I heard about Paint.Net for the first time the other day, and it is the first graphics manipulation program other than Paint that I have been able to use 'out of the box' without feeling like I needed to be qualified in graphic design before starting to draw!



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Selecting and using Ctrl-X does nothing to the size of the canvas.

I think Simon meant Ctrl+Shift+X :wink: This combination clips the image/canvas to the current selection size.

So if you select your "scratch" area, then invert the selection with Ctrl-I and then hit Ctrl+Shift+X it will resize back to the original dimension.

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